Gideon's Gifts
Cow Adoption Initiative

A Unique Partnership With the Goal of
Saving Slaughter-Bound Calves and Cows


Gideon, Tomten Farm and Sanctuary’s Cow Ambassador



Gideon, our first Cow Initiative bull calf rescue and
Tomten Farm and Sanctuary's Resident Cow Ambassador.


Formerly #733, now "Marilyn MOOnroe (right) now in
lifetime sanctuary at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
and Greta GarMoo (left) currently available
for Adoption OR TAdoption!!

Bull calf rescues numbers 2, 3 and 4.
Linus, Leland and Gilligan have


Who is our Farmer Partner?
We believe that transparency is very important as are open minds, courtesy and respect. You should know that we have developed a friendship with this New England dairy farmer who shall remain anonymous. We value the relationship we have developed with this hardworking man who is willing to open his mind, heart and farm to help us make a difference. It is a unique, respectful and unlikely connection between farmer and rescuer; one that began with the adoption of
Gideon. It allows us to establish a rapport with someone in the agricultural industry who cares about his dairy cows but , as with most struggling small farmers, does not have the means to support non-producing animals. This year, we have made the decision to try working together for possibilities, (dare I say, solutions), that work for all— most importantly for the cows. Those of you who are familiar with the Tomten Farm and Sanctuary journey know that we have done well in the past with such undertakings and it has helped save lives, spread knowledge and combat misconceptions. The truth is that to hear one another's views, helps us find a common ground…one that is never achieved through finger pointing, name calling or blind contempt for any group or individual. I cautiously, but optimistically, enter this partnership hoping it does not injure the reputation of either his farm or our sanctuary, hoping all of us can see the big picture and the potential positive impact it could have.

To read more about the mounting challenges faced by NH dairy farmers, go to http://www.fosters .com/news/20170101/new-hampshire-dairy-farmers-struggling-to-survive

Long before we moved Tomten Farm and Sanctuary to New Hampshire, this beautiful property was home to cows. And less than four months after our move, it opened its gates to welcome them again.

As Tomten Farm and Sanctuary has evolved, many of you have asked us to consider saving some cows. In August 2016, a little earlier than we had planned, we did just that!

We were unexpectedly given the opportunity to rescue a beautiful big-brown-eyed jersey bull calf, a by -product of the dairy industry, who would normally have already shipped to slaughter but hadn't gone yet. The local dairy farmer who owned him agreed to hold him for a week to give us a chance to fundraise—not just for the per-pound price the farmer would have received for him at the processing plant, but for a good part of the future expenses our Cow Adoption Initiative would incur for this calf and future rescued bovines. With cooperation and commitment from this farmer to work with us to facilitate the protection of more at-risk cows in the future, the enthusiastic approval of Tomten's Board of Directors and a promise from you, our generous supporters to help with future funding, Gideon's Gifts Cow Adoption Initiative was born.

Many wonderful things have happened since we saved Gideon.

We are happy to share the following success stories, all a result of your support (adopting, Facebook liking/sharing/following and donating) for Tomten's Cow Initiative!!!

We have rescued (and adopted out to permanent loving homes) THREE more Jersey bull calves: Linus, Leland and Gilligan.

We rescued two senior at-risk Jersey cows as well. Greta GarMOO (formerly #100). Greta is here at the farm and is AVAILABLE for both traditional adoption AND our new innovative TADAdoption program. Marilyn MOOnroe, (formerly #733), was no longer producing milk or calves and was also destined for slaughter. She, along with Gideon, is in lifetime sanctuary here in the first cow herd to live at our NH farm for many years.

Finally, meet our most recent calf rescue, Audrey Heifer. Audrey is available for adoption and waiting to find her own lifetime home. Wondering why this little girl wouldn't be kept and eventually be part of the farmer's milking herd? Read more about that here.

Holy Cow (s)!!!!!


Meet Audrey Heifer!
Available for Traditional Adoption.
Adoption Page for Details.


More slaughter-bound calves and retired dairy cows are waiting for their opportunity to be rescued and experience a full life of peace protection and possibility or a Tomten "contented cow retirement" after a life of producing multiple calves and thousands of pounds of milk. Every adoption helps free up space and resources for another rescue. Your tax-deductible donation will help us give them that chance.

It's Your MOOve...Help us load more calves and cows onto the trailer destined for peace, protection and possibility (Tomten Farm and Sanctuary) and not the truck going to the slaughterhouse. Donate to help support Tomten's Cow Adoption Initiative today!



















Did You Know...

According to the New Hampshire Extension Service*, the state of New Hampshire has about
140 commercial dairy farms consisting of a total of about 18,000 milking animals. Not surprisingly,
the largest number of the state's dairy farms are right here in our county, Grafton County, NH!

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