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And the Winners Are…..
Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, Anastasia Maertens and YOU!

As many of you may know, we have struggled to find the perfect logo that represents all of what Tomten Farm and Sanctuary embraces…

The Tomten story, its animals, and its mission: a commitment  to peace, protection and possibility.
The love, the light and the life that all who support the mission experience.
And, of course, the belief that every animal deserves dreams come true.

Thanks to our logo contest and the input of many artists, friends, supporters and Board members, we have finally found what we believe are the ideal symbols of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

In fact, there are two! Please read on.

"'Winters come and winters go,
Summers come and summers go,
Soon the swallows will be here,' thinks the Tomten." - Astrid Lindgren*

*Viktor Rydberg wrote the classic poem, "Tomten" in 1881. Astrid Lindgren adapted the story in her 1960 picture book, "The Tomten" with classic illustrations by Harald Wiberg.

To the Tomten himself (and all of us here at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary), one of the first the signs that summer is near is the return of the barn swallows. And after our cold New England winters, both animals and caretakers are excited to welcome their presence.

So in keeping with Astrid Lindgren's retelling of Victor Rydberg's poem, we have decided to use a beautiful barn swallow to forever represent Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. Known symbolically as the "bringer of spring," it is easy to associate this swallow (who flies high into the sun's rays), as the bringer of light and life. Each spring, they busily dart in and out of our barn building their nests in the rafters; bringing with them a time of ease—something that we hope embraces each of the lives we save.

And that's just the start!

Our SECOND logo is a larger and more detailed logo— a logo which will incorporate our name and a beloved Tomten animal. It will be featured on our website, facebook page, communications and promo wear for a limited amount of time. Each and every year we will embrace a different Tomten Farm and Sanctuary animal in the same consistent framework. No matter what your favorite species, you can look forward to seeing every animal species that has found its way to Tomten.

Each will be honored individually and forever,
starting with everyone's favorite donkey,
Braynard Boddington Jones,
better known as Baby Braymore.

It is with deep gratitude that we thank Maine artist, Anastasia Szerejko Maertens, for generously sharing her incredible talents as we kick off this unique endeavor. It is her efforts and those of her daughter Margaux, who made these logos possible.

When we asked her about her efforts, she said,
"I want to make this my contribution to your farm. No payment. It means a lot to me to be able to help you.
I have a deep love for animals. I grew up across from a dairy farm. The barn and fields were my home.
The animal were my friends. The farmer was our dear family friend. I think what you are doing is truly admirable.
I live vicariously thru you as I always held a little dream of living back in a farmhouse surrounded by fields one day."

We hope Anastasia's gift of our very special 2020 logos welcomes all to our journey. We are so honored to have had her (and her family) beside us these past few years and humbly thank her for these special gifts. It is quite the endeavor and commitment and we are both incredibly excited and grateful.

It is together we make dreams come true.

Now Available!!
Limited Edition "Baby Braymore" (aka Braynard Boddington Jones)

Baby Braymore (aka Braynard Boddington Jones)

Your purchase helps us support every Tomten Farm and Sanctuary Rescue. Available in up to 10 great colors and three different styles, our long-lasting, Ecoconscious Organic Cotton T-Shirts  will be delivered right to your door.  With the Tomten barn swallow on the front and Baby Braymore on the back, these limited edition T-shirts embody our mission of peace, protection and possibility.  For every shirt purchased, Tomten will receive $3.00…funds that will help us make a difference for animals in need… animals like Baby Braymore and his friends and family

Together we are Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. This season and beyond, let the world know that you are with us on our journey. Thank you.

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IMPORTANT FIT INFO: If you are unsure about what size to order, measure your own favorite T-shirt (length and chest) and compare your measurements to the measurements in the size chart found with the photos of each T-Shirt on the order page link above. T-shirt modeled by the male is less tailored and can be worn by both men and women. While the t-shirts typically don't shrink, they do run small -- we suggest that you opt to GO UP ONE SIZE to maximize comfort and fit.





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Did You Know...

Want to learn more about barn swallows and even listen to their call? Go to Cornell Lab's All About Birds.

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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.

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