A R T - Artists Rejoicing in Tomten

Attention All Creatives!
Would you absolutely rejoice in the idea of utilizing your own distinctive style and talent to help us provide peace, protection and possibility for all the rescued horses, ponies, ducks, sheep, geese, goats, donkeys, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats and rabbits in our care?

Would you like to showcase and generate more interest in your art via the Tomten Farm and Sanctuary website, TF&S' Facebook and Instagram pages while you help us help animals in need? Might you even be interested in participating in a future Artists Rejoicing in Tomten networking group with like-minded animal-loving artists in this collective?

If you answered, "yes," we would love it if you would consider joining our Artists Rejoicing in Tomten collective.

Whether you have a burning passion for creating in charcoal, watercolors, oils, photography, wood, paper, recycled art, fiber, clay, artisan crafts, writing, sculpture, silver, gold or mixed metals… we hope you might consider joining this unique artists' collective by donating a tax-deductible percentage of your sales from shows, open studios, book sales, Etsy , galleries or your own website to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


Send us your thoughts about how your unique creations would delight and appeal to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary's loyal supporters and help provide peace, protection and possibility to Tomten's animals. Be sure to include photos, proposed ideas and price ranges of what you might want to feature as well as your proposed donation percentage. You do not need to live in New England to participate… in fact, we think regional diversity will make this collective even more appealing. Tomten Farm and Sanctuary Board members must approve all participants. Drop us a line at tomtenfarmandsanctuary@gmail.com with questions or comments.


Contact featured artists directly for more information about
pictured or commissioned orders, shipping options etc. or make a purchase.

Watch this page for more from the Artists Rejoicing in Tomten collective.

Meet Our Inspiration for this Exciting Project,
Maine Artist Anastasia Szerejko Maertens

Anastasia's charcoal nature series titled "We Live Here!" (a sampling is shown above) was featured upstairs on the Spotlight Wall at the Kittery Art Association in June 2018. Anastasia generously donated a percentage of every sale to help provide peace, protection and possibility to the animals of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

Fortunately for all of us, these stunning, detail-rich charcoal drawings can still be commissioned. Anastasia has graciously offered to donate a portion of any commissioned orders to Tomten, as well. You can email her (see below) to order your choice or chat with her about ideas you may have.

Each stunning 10" x 10" charcoal drawing is $95 unframed, plus shipping. And here's good news—some smaller 5" x 5 images will also be available. Look for them on Anastasia's Instagram page, Studio in the Trees.

Thank you! And thank you, Anastasia, for inspiring us to create our Artists Rejoicing in Tomten collective.

Anastasia Szerejko Maertens

About Anastasia
Anastasia Szerejko Maertens says her inspiration "transpires primarily from nature and textiles." In this series she decided to revisit her use of charcoal drawings; she chose to draw on a smaller scale to become "more familiar with a few of the birds, insects and plants" that she has always loved. Anastasia, a graduate of the School of Worcester Art Museum, is a member of the Ogunquit Art Assoc., the Kittery Art Assoc., York Art Assoc., and the York Library Art Committee. She, her husband and her dog live in York, Maine and enjoy attending Tomten Farm and Sanctuary tours.

InstagramSee more charcoals in this series on Anastasia's
Instagram page,
Studio in the Trees.


Our Mission
We're an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.
Helping animals, helping humans and making dreams come true one life at a time though rescue, sanctuary, adoption and education.


Did You Know...

Of domesticated animals used and killed by humans in the United States, over 99.6% are farmed animals. Conversely, just 0.8% of donations go specifically to farmed animal organizations.* And, while we love and rescue cats and dogs too, most of the animals we save from slaughter are farm animals… cows, goats, sheep, pigs, horsesrabbits, ducks, chickens, geese and donkeys. Help us raise that 0.8% donation rate, won't you?
* According to Animal Charity Evaluators. "Why Farmed Animals?" November 2016.

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Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.

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