Available for Off-Farm Adoption

Two Itty Bittys, Percival Pintomint and Hweehehe Whinny Wooly Wildfire

Percival Pintomint


Hweehehe Whinny Wooly Wildfire

INCREDIBLY SPECIAL HOME NEEDED for two rescued seniors.

After much, much thought, we have decided that Hweeehehe (black mini) and Perci (pinto pony) would prefer a private home to call their own. In an effort to provide them with dreams come true we have decided to make them available for adoption with the fee waived for a perfect home. We have taken our time with these very special seniors (see our horses page to read about their rescue) and finally feel confident they are in a good place and ready to find a forever person/ family. This was the original intention when we stepped up to help these lost souls but we have been in no rush and wanted to be certain that is what is right for them. Not only did we want to be sure that they were physically stable but we wanted to evaluate what was in their best interest and what living environment they might prefer. While we will hate to see them leave, we think these two sweethearts would be happier in a private home.

Please note, fee waived does not mean we will be any less diligent in screening homes; if anything, we will be extra cautious with these sweet souls. These seniors need a particular situation and care, and their well-being and happiness is our first priority. Note that their adoption contract will have some very specific requirements beyond our normal policies.

We absolutely love having these guys here on the farm. They love children, are so cute, friendly and pretty easy to handle—especially Hweehehe who is as simple, sweet and safe as they come. But, we think the right adoption may offer them what they really want—lots and lots of spoiling, love and personal interaction with a person(s) of their own. Cute as buttons, this bonded pair must go together, no exceptions. Because Perci can be a bit tricky in what he perceives as challenging situations and because these guys are on special diets, applicants must have prior equine experience. Of course, it goes without saying, potential adopters must be looking for beloved pets.

Here are the details, but please don't let them deter you; these two are pretty fabulous. They need daily turnout together with minimal to no grass, and due to dietary needs, separate quarters each evening. Hwee needs a continued and low dose of pergolide and both need someone willing to feed appropriate foods for each individual.

The ideal home would either have no other equines or at minimum, no mares (donkeys and geldings are fine). While they are great together and Hwee is as easy and uncomplicated as could be, Perci gets attached very quickly. He demonstrates possessive behaviors in the herd, extreme separation anxiety when separated and while typically a great guy, he demonstrates stud like behaviors with mares and would be best in an environment without female distractions.

If you can get past the "no mares" restriction and provide a fairly predictable routine, Perci is pretty awesome and both are seeking to bond with their own person. If you are interested in two cuties to call your own, they have lots of love to give and would appreciate the consideration. Simply email us with your number or call anytime (603) 989-5800 and leave a message to discuss what will be essential to keep these boys healthy and happy.  As always, passing the word is much appreciated. Adoption fee waived for perfect home.

The first step toward adoption is completing an adoption application.

Rabbit Available for Adoption

Smudge Bunny

"Smudge Bunny" is a Californian (also called the California White) rabbit. Californians are the second most popular meat breed, after the New Zealand White. This beautiful girl wouldn't be here today without your support or the efforts of our fabulous board members who went to auction, saved her and took her home for quarantine. Great job, Laima and Heather.

Sweet, curious, affectionate, Smudge would really love a home where she gets to go in and out (weather permitting of course); but she could be either an inside or outside bunny depending on the set up. She loved living in the house and was litter-box trained while she was in quarantine at Laima's. With a brief refresher course, she could be again. Smudge is now enjoying the sun in her outdoor home here at the farm.

Why do we rescue rabbits? Because they are sweet gentle animals who hop under the radar.

It is rare that we go to livestock auction and do not see meat rabbits. With their small size, low noise and high meat yield (on average they eat four pounds of grain for every one pound of meat) they are very popular with those who wish to butcher their meat in their back yards or sell to others who do. Because these animals are not considered livestock by the USDA, they often do not receive any more humane slaughter with commercial processor than they would a private individual. Like chickens, they are not covered under the USDA's Humane Methods of Slaughter act, and even those shipped to the less than 100 slaughter houses who process rabbits, don't have to be stunned before killed. If you can, take a minute to think about that: they do not have to be stunned before killed.

Your adoption of Smudge Bunny helps saves two lives - it helps her find dreams come true and the empty spot helps another in need find peace, protection and possibility. Not to mention it would make us jump for joy. Her adoption fee is $35.

4 Special Needs Goat Kids Available for Adoption

Every livestock auction is a gamble and despite our best efforts, we never know exactly what we are bringing home. We have been incredibly lucky. Nine times we beat the odds, nine lives, safe in sanctuary. But in Spring 2018, our luck, sadly ran out - all four of our little goat kid rescues tested a very high positive for CAE. CAE stands for Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis. It is a virus that affects goats and not humans. Goats pass CAE to each other via infected colostrum, milk, or blood. So while this does mean these cuties cannot move in with our clean herd, it does not mean they cannot be great pets for someone looking for a goat to love. They could also move in with a herd that has already tested positive for CAE. The disease could exhibit debilitating symptoms any time or never express itself at all and every day they are blessed with health is one precious day more that they have been gifted.

Thankfully, Board member Heather was able to open her home for this rescue and keep these little buggers in quarantine until we were able to  find a temporary "home."

Thankfully, Cheryl C and some other fabulous, generous supporters, donated enough funds so that not only could we save them, we could also disbud, castrate, inoculate and test them too. A big bonus is we have enough left to fund a bit of their care in foster without worry.

Thankfully, fosterer Scott was willing and able to build a fence and welcome some lives in need, a gift that buys these goaties time and another chance at dreams come true. We hope that he can keep them in foster long enough for us to find them a permanent home.

They are all alpines, though one looks like there could be a  little toggenburg in the mix. Born in mid-February 2018. Two wethers, two doelings. All sweet, loving, energetic and the only 4 kids that did not go for meat the day we rescued them from auction.

Because CAE can be triggered by stress and they have already been shuffled to auction, from auction to quarantine and now quarantine to foster,  we want to be sure their new home will be a forever home. Homes must have no other goats and sheep OR already have a CAE positive herd. There must be  appropriate fencing for goat kids and a shelter with decent footing no matter what the season.

It is together we are Tomten Farm and Sanctuary and together we give the gift of life. Thank you all who contributed, no matter what the way, to these kids save and follow-up care. Because of you, they have a yesterday, today and hopefully a tomorrow. Every effort matters. Every impact is a miracle coming together. And little by little, slowly but surely , somehow we continue creating theirs.

Thank you all for all you do and thank you again, Heather, for all you did starting these little ones on their journey and providing quarantine. They would not be here without you.

If you have always wanted goats of your own, please reach out. We are open to creative solutions; but must insist these bonded friends get adopted in pairs.

The first step toward adoption is completing an adoption application.

Adoption Fee: $75 each/$125 for a pair.

Available for Adoption in Tomten's Cow Initiative Program

Humphrey MOOgart

Meet Humphrey MOOgart

This beautiful Jersey/Holstein X was born in November 2017 and is ready to find dreams come true. He is healthy, happy and socialized with people and other animals here at the farm.

Castrated, debudded and up-to-date on his first vaccinations, this little guy is super friendly, super cute and super smart. Just look at the heart on his forehead—we guarantee you will fall in love with him, too!

A by-product of the dairy industry, Humphrey is part of our Cow Initiative. He was saved thanks to you and your donations—you helped us toss a net his way to offer peace, protection and possibility.

While most of our Cow Initiative bovines are jerseys, since Humphrey is a Jersey/Holstein cross, you can expect him to be slightly larger than our own Sanctuary jersey steer, Gideon, as an adult.

$300.00 adoption fee. Large animal experience and a home with other animals is required.

The first step toward adoption is completing an adoption application.

Greta GarMOO, Retired Dairy Cow

Should you be moo-ved by her beauty, her kindness or her need for a family of her own, we would love to chat with you. Perhaps, together we can make her dreams come true.

Dairy cow #100, now known as Greta GarMOO, has spent her entire life giving so we can enjoy milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, yogurt and more. She has produced approximately 50,000 pounds of milk (translation, over 5500 gallons) and has been the mother of four babies, long ago removed from her side. If males, they have already lost their lives, by-products/casualties of the industry. If girls, they have become the next generation in the milking parlor to replace older cows like her. Greta GarMOO had one last sacrifice in her, but it would have cost her her life and we just couldn't let that happen. Fortunately our Board Members, generous supporters and donors stepped in and we were able welcome her into the protective arms of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

As much as WE would love to keep Greta GarMOO, we need to advance the goals of our Cow Initiative: rescue, evaluate and then adopt out so that we continue to have the room and resources to keep saving as many animals in need as possible—hopefully two in that loop at all times. The time has come for this sweet, spent Jersey dairy cow to find a loving home of her own OR receive a donor-partner "pardon" through our lifetime sanctuary option, the Tomten TAdoption Option (see below).

Everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her will tell you Greta is beautiful, inquisitive, and really wants to be an in-your-pocket type of gal. In fact, she comes when called and settles into the life of a contented cow more and more every day— getting friendlier, as well as more tolerant, of basic handling such as getting scratched all over, standing for fly-spray, having her ears cleaned and taking food and treats from our hand. Who knew that life could be so good? She loves to be with people but after a life of work and being handled only at milking time and moves from barn to pasture, she is not quite sure we are 100% trustworthy yet. Her ideal home would be with a kind, patient adopter, looking to love and welcome a very special friend.

In an effort to keep her safe, our standard application is required and regular contract applies for traditional adoption.

Note: As with all placements, Tomten does not profit financially from her adoption. Her adoption fee is the exact same price we paid to bail her, a fee determined by her worth per pound had she shipped--$600.


got milk?

No need to milk these cows!
Greta's milk producing days
are behind her which makes
her care as almost as easy
as caring for a (large) dog.

Greta GarMOO is also available for TAdoption!

Should you wish to provide lifetime sanctuary for Greta here at Tomten she is available  for,

T A D A!!... Tomten Animal Dream Adoption,

Or what we simply call TAdoption as well. Our TAdoption option is perfect for someone wanting a cow, but, for one reason or another, is unable to keep one on their property. Not only would Greta get to remain here with our herd,  (her bonded cow friends, Marilyn MOOnroe and Gideon), thanks to a one-time gift of 50% of her estimated care, her TAdopter (or should several friends or family members join together) her TAdopters, will benefit from a tax deduction and, more importantly, that beautiful feeling of providing peace, protection and possibility to an animal in need. An animal who without us, (you and Tomten), had met the end of the line.

Whether she is traditionally adopted or TAdopted, we know somewhere there is someone who can make her dreams come true. Is it you? Should you be moo-ved by her beauty, her kindness and/or or her need to find a place to call home (yours or ours) , we would love to chat with you. Go ahead, be a moo-ver and a shaker. See more details on our TAdoption page and get in touch with us today.


The Three MOOsketeers
If Greta GarMOO (center) is TAdopted
(rather than adopted), she would be able to stay at
Tomten Farm and Sanctuary with her herd-mates,
Gideon (left) and Marilyn MOOnroe (right).
We ALL think that would be simply MOOvelous!


Did You Know...

We don't adopt our animals out to just anyone! Before you can adopt from Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, you must first complete an adoption application, which includes references from your vet, farrier, etc., include photos of turnouts and housing, allow us to come for a site visit and sign a commitment contract.

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