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Jersey Calves and Cows

Have you heard about Gideon's Gifts Cow Adoption Initiative? It's our unique partnership with a New Hampshire dairy farmer. It's a story of supply and demand. In this situation, the supply of older dairy cows and bull calves is high but the demand for these animals is way too low—unless that is, you count slaughterhouses and ultimately America's insatiable demand for veal, hamburgers, steaks and leather products as part of the demand.

This year, we are trying to diversify that demand from to a source that extends, not ends a cow's life—caring Tomten supporters who might be willing to adopt a no-longer-productive senior cow or a calf that was unlucky enough to be born a male and is considered a necessary but unwanted byproduct of the dairy industry. Can you maybe be that person, the one who can promise these gentle creatures peace, protection and possibility?

Every cow or calf adopted in our Cow Initiative frees up the space and resources we need to rescue even more!


Gideon (Cow Ambassador) and Marilyn MOOnroe, both SAFE at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.


Greta GarMOO and Marilyn MOOnroe posing for their glamour shots.



Available for Adoption in Tomten's Cow Initiative Program

Have you always wanted a cow to call your own?
May We Suggest the lovely Greta GarMOO??

Should you be moo-ved by her beauty, her kindness or her need for a family of her own, we would love to chat with you. Perhaps, together we can make her dreams come true.

Dairy cow #100, now known as Greta GarMOO, has spent her entire life giving so we can enjoy milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, yogurt and more. She has produced approximately 50,000 pounds of milk (translation, over 5500 gallons) and has been the mother of four babies, long ago removed from her side. If males, they have already lost their lives, by-products/casualties of the industry. If girls, they have become the next generation in the milking parlor to replace older cows like her. (Audrey Heifer, below, is the exception.) Greta GarMOO had one last sacrifice in her but it would have cost her her life and we just couldn't let that happen. Fortunately our Board Members, generous supporters and donors stepped in and we were able welcome her into the protective arms of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

As much as WE would love to keep Greta GarMOO, we need to advance the goals of our Cow Initiative: rescue, evaluate and then adopt out so that we continue to have the room and resources to keep saving as many animals in need as possible—hopefully two in that loop at all times. The time has come for this sweet, spent Jersey dairy cow to find a loving home of her own OR receive a donor-partner "pardon" through our lifetime sanctuary option, the Tomten TADAdoption Option (see below).

Everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her will tell you Greta is beautiful, inquisitive, and really wants to be an in -your-pocket type of gal. In fact, she comes when called and settles into the life of a contented cow more and more every day— getting friendlier, as well as more tolerant, of basic handling such as getting scratched all over, standing for fly -spray, having her ears cleaned and taking food and treats from our hand. Who knew that life could be so good? She loves to be with people but after a life of work and being handled only at milking time and moves from barn to pasture, she is not quite sure we are 100% trustworthy yet. Her ideal home would be with a kind, patient adopter, looking to love and welcome a very special friend.

In an effort to keep her safe, our standard application is required and regular contract applies for traditional adoption.

Note: As with all placements, Tomten does not profit financially from her adoption. Her adoption fee is the exact same price we paid to bail her, a fee determined by her worth per pound had she shipped--$600.







got milk?

No need to milk these cows!
Greta's milk producing days
are behind her which makes
her care as almost as easy
as caring for a (large) dog.

Greta GarMOO is also available for TADAdoption!

Should you wish to provide lifetime sanctuary for Greta here at Tomten she is available  for,

T A D A!!... Tomten Animal Dream Adoption,

Or what we simply call TADAdoption as well. Our TADAdoption option is perfect for someone wanting a cow, but, for one reason or another, is unable to keep one on their property. Not only would Greta get to remain here with our herd,  (her bonded cow friends, Marilyn MOOnroe and Gideon), thanks to a one-time gift of 50% of her estimated care, her TADAdopter (or should several friends or family members join together) her, TADAdopters, will benefit from a tax deduction and, more importantly, that beautiful feeling of providing peace, protection and possibility to an animal in need. An animal who without us, (you and Tomten), had met the end of the line.

Whether she is traditionally adopted or TADAdopted, we know somewhere there is someone who can make her dreams come true. Is it you? Should you be moo-ved by her beauty, her kindness and/or or her need to find a place to call home (yours or ours) , we would love to chat with you. Go ahead, be a moo-ver and a shaker. See more details on our TADAdoption page and get in touch with us today.


Greta GarMOO is waiting for YOU!

It's a Girl (Calf)!!!!!!!!!

Our Newest Save, Audrey Heifer, is Ready For Her Adoptive Home

First there was Gideon, then Linus, then Leland and then Gilligan. Now, we are happy to introduce you to Audrey. Audrey Heifer, our newest save, is seen here at the dairy barn where she was born and after coming to Tomten.

Yes!  A beautiful Jersey, this baby is not a bull calf but a heifer.* And the first HEIFER to be rescued into Gideon's Gifts Cow Initiative Program.

Previously, we told you about the peril associated with being born a boy in a dairy cow barn. Now we have learned why, on rare occasions, a female newborn might be in need of rescue as well.

This little girl was one of twins, a rarity in the dairy world that happens about 5% of the time. When a cow is pregnant with a mixed gender pair, the calves share the placental membrane which causes each of them (especially the female) to develop characteristics of the opposite sex. More than 90% of the time, the female is born sterile, a "freemartin," which means she is incapable of reproducing. Because infertile females cannot get pregnant, they cannot produce milk and therefore they cannot earn their keep and have no place in the dairy industry. These girls, like their brothers, are then considered a by-product and shipped to sale and slaughter.

While, sadly, we were unable to reach Audrey's twin brother with our safety net in time, we were able to save this beautiful girl before she shipped.** Our thanks, once again, goes out to our dairy farmer friend who respectfully and repeatedly works with us to save these lives. While he can't hold them all for us, he does his best to help. Thanks as well to all of you who stand beside us on this journey helping any way you can. She would not be alive today without our combined efforts. Thanks to you, this little heifer received the gift of more life and a future of dreams come true.


Audrey Heifer, safe at Tomten farm and Sanctuary and waiting for her forever home.


Audrey's twin brother, unnamed, shipped to slaughter before we could save him.  R.I.P. sweet boy.

Audrey Heifer has not yet bonded with the rest of our cow herd so now is the perfect time to adopt her. She is dehorned and up-to-date on vaccinations. She is available for traditional adoption (not available for TADAdoption.) Her adoption fee is $300. We invite you to complete our adoption application and come meet her.

* A heifer is a female animal that has never had a calf.
** "shipped" is an abbreviation for being "shipped to slaughter."

A personal message from Audrey Heifer about the importance of rescuing calves like her and her twin brother:



Horses Currently Available for Adoption
Meet Mom and her filly, Taabe and Tindra.

Absolutely stunning, registered, Paint.

"Taabe," a beautiful, 2001 mare, was an owner surrender earlier this year (see all the details of this rescue on our News page) and is the mother of "Tindra," her  lovely tricolor filly who also available. Talk about a fun project!

Mom Taabe has been a frequent flyer. bounced around from Iowa to Indiana to Texas to New England and finally here, to us at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. She is a confirmed broodmare and has had eight foals in eight years. Phew! She is still being evaluated and I will be honest, we have been letting her settle in and have not yet gotten on her back. That said, we think it is important to get the word out about her even as we get to know her.

This much we CAN tell you. Taabe was great in the trailer, great for the vet and trimmer and is getting more comfortable with us every day. I suspect it has been quite awhile since she has had someone to love only her and have someone on her back. For sure, she is a special adoption and we are looking for that special someone who can provide her with peace, protection and possibility for the rest of her years. Time to relax and enjoy retirement without a nursing baby to worry about.

Taabe is available for traditional adoption for $750 and at 16-years old, we are pleased to announce that she is also eligible for TADAdoption, our lifetime sanctuary program that would allow her to live out her years here on the farm with our herd. In TADAdoption we partner with a generous donor (or a group of connected donors) who would offer a one-time donation of 50% of her lifetime care. That cost will be calculated and announced soon on both Facebook and here.

Should you be interested in both Taabe AND her filly, Tindra, they are available for adoption together to the right person for $1500.

Taabe's delightful filly Baby Tindra  (shown here with her young donkey friend Braynard), is available for adoption for $1200 after she is weaned.

Because this mare has a foal at her side and was accidentally exposed to a stud at her last home, responsible adoption means that she will not be available until November 2017 by which time we will have received what we hope is are negative results from a blood test. In the interim, we will be evaluating her, posting photos and videos, accepting applications and scheduling visits for those with completed and approved adoption applications and home visits.


New Arrivals, New Names.
Here at Tomten, new animals almost always get new names. More often than not, as in this case, they are suggested by and then voted on by you, the amazing folks who share this journey with us through our Facebook posts and photos. It is a way for us all to come together and welcome new additions to a future of peace, protection and possibility while letting go of the past that somehow let them down. In the case of private surrenders, such as this mare and foal, it offers a level of anonymity and it is our policy to be as respectful as possible to all with whom we interact.

And the Winning Names are…
Just before foaling, our new mare traveled all the way to New England from Texas where she had previously had seven babies. A registered Paint, many of you suggested Native American names, and since the Comanche were known for their horses and prominent in Texas, Sarah H. suggested "Taabe," the Comanche word for sun.

"Tindra" is the Swedish word for twinkle and was suggested by Meg W. Because our farm is named after the Swedish story, The Tomten, a Swedish name seems only fitting and this little filly sure does sparkle.

Together, may we make dreams come true for our beautiful Mom and filly, Taabe and Tindra. Welcome to the journey, pretty girls.



Did You Know...

To be considered for fostering, adoption or a trial period, you must first complete an application
which includes references, photos of turnout and housing, site visit details, etc.

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