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Greta GarMOO is waiting for YOU!

Greta GarMOO is Available for TAdoption

pic-greta002-250Have you always dreamed of having a farm animal of your own but for one or several reasons, it just wasn't possible? Our TAdoption program might just be the solution, making dreams come true… for both you AND an animal in need. An animal like Greta GarMOO.

Greta GarMOO arrived at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary from the same dairy farm as Marilyn MOOnroe as part of our innovative Gideon's Gifts Cow Rescue and Adoption Initiative. Instead of going to slaughter when she can no longer earn her keep at the commercial dairy farm, under our Cow Initiative, a retired dairy cow like Greta gets to take the road that is generally not offered to those of her species... a short trailer ride to the green fields of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

With cows shipping to slaughter from farms each and every week, our Cow Initiative demands that we must do our best to find Greta a safe home so that we can open our gates to more bovines in need. So yes, Greta GarMOO is also available for traditional off-farm adoption. Truth be told, however, we would much prefer TAdoption for Greta. TAdoption would ensure that this older lady remains at Tomten in lifetime sanctuary with fellow senior and best friend Marilyn MOOnroe (already in lifetime sanctuary here), and with whom she shares a very deep bond. For that to happen, though, Greta GarMOO needs a fairy cowmother to share a financial commitment with us to provide lifetime sanctuary for her. Could that be you?

Our Tomten Animal Dream Adoption, TAdoption, is perfect for those who have always wanted to have a farm animal of their own (in this case, an adult retired dairy cow) but are unable to have one due to lack of pasture, barn, time, parental approval, or other resources. TAdoption makes it possible for a candidate like Greta GarMOO to live the life of a contented cow, remaining right here with Marilyn MOOnroe and Gideon, previously at-risk bovines already in Sanctuary at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. And you, the TAdopter , finally get to realize your dream of having your very own Jersey cow. And you, the TAdopter , finally get to realize your dream of having your very own Jersey cow—and without any mucking, hay lugging or everyday labor commitment!

Greta's TAdoption, The Perfect Feel Good Gift
For Your Own Best Friend
To Show Love & Support for Your Vegan/Vegetarian Children
For Cow-Loving Grandchildren
To Celebrate Cow Appreciation Day
To Ensure that Greta GarMOO and Marilyn MOOnroe Stay Together

Greta GarMOO (left) and Marilyn MOOnroe are now a bonded pair.
Marilyn is already in Sanctuary at Tomten. Your gift of TAdoption for Greta
would enable them to stay together, contented Cows, for the rest of their lives.

Here's how TAdoption works:  Thanks to your one-time gift of 50% of Greta's estimated lifetime care and sanctuary (see the math on right), you, her TAdopter, (or a group of TAdopters -- i.e., several like-minded friends or family members joining together) will be eligible for a tax deduction of 50% of Greta's total estimated lifetime expenses. More importantly, you will experience that oh-so-satisfying feeling of providing peace, protection and possibility to an animal in need. An animal who worked hard her whole life to provide us with milk, ice cream, cheese and lattes and, without Tomten and its generous supporters rescuing her, had surely met the end of the line.

The Three MOOsketeers
If Greta GarMOO (center) is TAdopted (rather than adopted), she will be able to remain
at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary with herd-mate, Gideon (left) and BFF Marilyn MOOnroe (right).
We ALL think that would be simply MOOvelous!

Here's the math:

Hay: Greta eats 7 bales of hay each week for 5 months, 3 1/2 bales each week for 2 months and is on grass for 5 months. That's approximately 6 months of 7 bales a week. A bale of good hay runs between $6.50 and $12.00 each. So for the sake of easier calculating, let's call it $9.50 per bale.  $9.50 per bale x 7 days is $66.50 per week x 26 weeks equals $1729.00.

Grain: Grain costs $20 per bag and each adult cow eats about 12 bags per year so let's say $240.

Shavings: Shavings cost $5 per bag and each cow uses 1 bag per week during cold weather so let's say 26 bags per year which equals $130.

Labor: FREE!!!! 

Misc. Additional Yearly Expenses:
Salt blocks $30
Diatomaceous earth $50
Hoof trims (uncertain of cost right now, let's say $50)
Fly spray $25 per bottle x 5 months equals $125, (we go through a bottle per month per cow),
Annual vet Exam $60

Unexpected Expenses:  $50

Total Estimated Expenses Per Year: $2464.00
She is 7.5 years old so let's assume she lives another 7.5 years.

$2464.00 x 7.5 equals $18,480.
Divide that by 2 and 50% of her estimated lifetime expenses and your...

One-time TAdoption Donation for Greta GarMOO's Lifetime Sanctuary Care at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary is $9240.00.

*Note expenses listed are for Greta GarMOO only. Other TAdoption -eligible animals' costs will vary.


Together We Can Provide
Greta GarMOO a Lifetime of
Peace, Protection and Possibility.
Together We Are
Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.

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