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Skaii Kitty

Black Kitty


We have always had house cats and barn cats. There normally is not a lot of fraternization between them but house cats have been spotted occasionally peeking into the barn wondering who would ever want to live in such primitive conditions. Conversely our barn cats could never imagine giving up their independence and being expected trade a living (at least for a few minutes) mouse for a toy one.

Ex-Barn Cat, Now House Cat Skaii Kitty (rescue)

Ok, when it comes to Skaii, forget everything you read above. Skaii was rescued at the same time as Cinder Lou. They lived together in the barn where, despite enjoying a regular diet of canned and dry cat food, they were excellent mousers. It was winter when Cinder Lou died in her sleep, snuggled beside Skaii in one of their hayloft beds. The two had been together for about 10 years and we couldn't bear to leave him alone in the barn so brought him into the house for "a few nights." He has never left, enjoying his retiree life of leisure and luxury.

House Cats, Minna and Black Kitty (both rescues)

Minna was already in her golden years when we adopted her so there was never any question that she would be afforded all the comforts and amenities of being an indoor cat. The thought of hunting for meals is totally foreign to her and she regards the option of going to the bathroom in anything but a fragrant litter box as quite distasteful and below her station in life. Minna is a loving, affectionate cat who shows her sincere appreciation for her pampered life every day. She sleeps—a lot—and rates a spot in our bed every night.

Black Kitty is our younger, braver house cat; he ventures out whenever the weather suits him but is careful not to wander too far lest he miss the evening dinner bell. Handsome, independent and solitary in his ways, he generally ignores my calls unless they are accompanied by the sound of a 5.5-oz. can of Friskies Flaked Tuna and Egg in Sauce being snapped open. He's not inclined to allow petting that lasts longer than 22 seconds or to share the bed with Minna, dogs or people. Black Kitty honors us with his presence just often enough to maintain his status as a well-loved feline.

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Did You Know...

Black cats (and even sweet little black kittens) have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rates? And tortoise shell kitties' statistics aren't much better? At Tomten, we're all for the underdogs, or in this case, the undercats.

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