Meet The Cats

We have always had "house cats" and "barn cats."  There has never been a lot of fraternizing between them but house cats have been spotted occasionally peeking out the window at the barn wondering who would ever want to live in such primitive conditions. Conversely our barn cats could never imagine giving up their independence and being expected to trade a live mouse for a toy one.

Living accommodations changed when we moved the farm to NH. Here, we have run-in sheds (the barn is under construction as I write this) and from day #1, we kept Skaii Kitty, the senior barn cat we brought with us from MA, inside the house for safekeeping along with house cat Black Black Kitty. Though he quickly acclimated to a life of luxury indoor living, Skaii's advanced age caught up with him and he sadly departed this life. We all grieved his loss (except for maybe Black Black Kitty who was never that enthusiastic to have Skaii, the ex-barn kitty, for a housemate.)





A breath of fresh air and then it's back inside.

Black Black Kitty
(personally owned resident)

Black Kitty was our long-time house cat at our previous farm and while he started out as a house cat here in New Hampshire, he now ventures outside whenever the weather suits him.

Fortunately (and very wisely on his part), he is not a roamer. He is careful not to wander too far afield lest he miss the evening dinner bell and bed turndown service.

Handsome and independent, Black Kitty always tended to be solitary in his ways when he had to share this home with our old barn-cat-turned-house-cat, Skaii Kitty.

Then Fat Face arrived and Black Kitty thinks HE is the cat's meow. See video below.


"Who says I'm not photogenic?"

"Where's my bedtime catmint?"





Possessed or Obsessed?!

Fat Face
(barn cat kitten rescue)

When Skaii Kitty died, a fluffy fat-faced black kitten soon joined our household.

There is no doubt Fat Face has barn cat blood running through his veins. He is an enthusiastic mouser in our antique farmhouse where there are probably more mice than we would care to acknowledge. He has his job cut out for him!

More interesting, however, is how quickly Black Black Kitty bonded with Fat Face! The house cat who previously wasn't keen on sharing his space cannot seem get enough FAT FACE love

 I cannot explain it but my heart is filled with joy seeing the happiness and friendship that Fat Face has brought into Black Kitty's life. See for yourself in video below.

"Jen is SOOOOO into me."

And Fat Face is sooooo into Black Black Kitty!


Hello Kitty!
Announcing the Grand Opening
of The Black Cat Inn

Love cats? So do we, especially black ones and tortoiseshell ones.

And now we have meow-velous news…especially for cats in need and our cat-loving supporters.

The Black Cat Inn at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
is Almost Ready for Occupancy!

It's been in the works for quite some time and this summer, thanks to our generous supporters, Tomten's Black Cat Inn will become a reality. We don't know about you, but we can't stop purring with delight!

This comfy bungalow will offer temporary "kitty quarters" and serve as an adoption portal for multiple (6+) adult black and tortoiseshell kitties in need. Why just black and tortoiseshell? Because blacks and tortoiseshell kitties get euthanized more than any other colors, we are committed to stepping up to rescue them.

As you can see, the Inn's several windows will allow cool breezes and warm sunlight to stream in onto comfy beds perfect for catnapping. Cat doors will lead out to a dig proof, covered, wire playground (to be constructed soon). This in-and-out cat enclosure will offer safety, security, shelter and sunshine to at-risk, deserving felines.

When each kitty has settled in and ready to become free roaming farm/barn cats they will be allowed to indulge their curiosity and explore Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. We will, of course, spay/neuter, vaccinate and temperament -test all of the cats. Those whose behavioral traits show a personality that indicates they would enjoy being friendly house cats will be available for approved residential adoption; alternatively those who have high prey drive and a low tolerance for snuggling may stay here employed as barn cats or go to fully screened and approved farm/barn cat homes.

The result? A refuge and transition tailored for black and tortoiseshell cats of all temperaments.

All are welcome, barn cats and house cats.

Let the years of feline saves begin as we start to welcome cats to the Black Cat Inn. Whether they stay on the farm or find adoptive homes, dreams will soon begin to come true for cats in need.

What Would YOU Do to Help
Save Cats In Need?

Here's What Addy H. Does

Ada A. (right) pitches in to help Addy H. who is on
a mission to help Tomten animals.

June 2018 is a very special month here at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.  It's the Grand Opening of The Black Cat Inn, Adopt A Cat Month AND it's the month of our young friend, Addy's birthday!

All birthdays are special but this one is REALLY special!  Not only is she turning 13,

Addy's  party is the first birthday
celebration ever to benefit TF&S,

specifically The Black Cat Inn. That's right, this amazing young lady has a special place in her heart for cats. So she is asking her friends and family to purchase WISH LIST items for kitties in need rather than buying gifts for HER. What a wonderful way to kick off your teenage years!

But wait, her wonderfulness does not stop there. She wanted to do even more for Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. In an impressive act of compassion, dedication and generosity that started during one of northern New England's coldest and snowiest winters (and continues through our challenging mud season), Addy picked up a manure fork and got to work. She toils in the cold, picking pastures at her mother's farm after school and stashing her hard-earned "paychecks" away for cats and all the other animals at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

She has even convinced her friends
(like Ada above) to help  as she works
toward her donation goal of $300!

We think unsolicited philanthropy from kids and teenagers is something to be honored, promoted and rewarded, so we have extended an invitation to Addy to host her party here on the farm with the animals, especially the kitties! If you would like to contribute to The Black Cat Inn, advance the spirit of giving and help make her birthday extra special, check back here and on Tomten's Facebook page to see her Wish List as she strives to make dreams come true for cats in need.

Love. It's What Inspired Us to Open
The Black Cat Inn.

Recently we posted a request for input on our Facebook page. We asked, "What should we rescue next?"

Almost immediately two beautiful women stepped up to propel us forward toward The Black Cat Inn. Fairy Godmothers (Fairy CatMothers?), Angels, Tomten or just generous friends on this journey, we are so very grateful to them (and everyone else who helps) us make a difference in the lives of animals in need. We so appreciate their generosity, but truly loved hearing the whys behind it and thought we would share it. The truth is, animals touch so very many lives in so very many ways. We are humbled to see these women choose to help those heading toward peace, protection and possibility at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, but even more touched they did so as a way to honor those they have had (or have ) and the lives they touch (touched).

Thank You, Judi V.
As we officially kicked off fundraising for The Black Cat Inn, we were inspired by Judi V's instant gesture of generosity. Once again she went above and beyond to help, this time in memory of her Mother, Dorothy Lee, who loved cats and rescued quite a few. It seems that over the years, many were "accidentally" dumped by their house so they could find a wonderful forever home with her parents. Our hearts sing, knowing that Dorothy is still helping animals in need, not just through her kind daughter, Judi, but hopefully looking down upon us and guiding cats in need our way. Kindness is a treasured memory and I am grateful Judi shared hers.

Meet Wynter L.
Our new kitty Inn idea was embraced by another wonderful supporter as well, Wynter L., and her generous contribution was a purr-fect way to propel this project forward. Like us, she is all too aware of the color bias that affects animals in need.  Her first pet was a black kitty, Hershey, and her two rescue dogs, Finn and Lucy, (seen with her in the photo above) are also black, chosen because "no one ever picks them (black animals)." Awe, we love that someone would go out of their way to adopt the ones less likely to be chosen and we love this photo of her and her lucky companions. Her compassion and thought process is right up our alley. Thank you, Wynter.

Meet Jess
Jess wanted to get in on this project, too. Her donation got the ball rolling helping us buy materials for the playground area of The Black Cat Inn. Thanks to her, we'll be ready to break ground on that soon---when the snow melts and we can actually FIND the ground!!  Thanks, Jess!

We Would Like You To Meet "Anonymous"
But, for obvious reasons, we cannot. We would LOVE to  give her the credit she deserves. She has helped us in so many ways, we would love to shout her name from the shed-tops but, no, she won't allow it. We try to make her proud and wisely use the funds she so generously donates to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. Hopefully, the Black Cat Inn will bring her joy and satisfaction for all the good work she does and all the lives she helps save.

We have more donor stories to tell. Stories about people the women above and others who believe in all we do and who donate the financial support it takes to travel beside us on this journey. We would love the opportunity to share your story. Perhaps your words will remind others of precious memories and inspire us all to take a moment and be thankful, to appreciate what a wonderful opportunity it is to be here today.

Together we are
Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

Did You Know...

People stereotype tortoiseshell cats as being aloof and intolerant. They think black cats bring bad luck.
NONSENSE! At Tomten, we're all for the underdogs, or in this case, the undercats.

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Maybe a hybrid would solve this problem!
People think "they don't look as good as lighter-haired cats
in photographs," and "they don't look good in selfies….!"
SERIOUSLY????? What do YOU think?
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