Current Fundraisers

Like every nonprofit organization, we must constantly fundraise for our general fund. It's become a way of life for us in order to achieve our mission of providing peace, protection and possibility for animals in need. But supporting the horses, ducks, donkeys, chickens, sheep, chickens, donkeys, pigs and goats who already grace our fields is only part of our mission. There is always so much more to do, so many more who need our help. And so we sometimes ask for your help, for donations you might like to make for very specific purposes. Once we achieve a certain goal, those "current fundraiser" requests are deleted from this area of our website, and, perhaps, replaced with others.

Maybe you have a special place in your heart for cats. Or you'd like to reduce the number of pigs who go to slaughter every day. Perhaps you have always loved rabbits and would like to help us keep our vegetable bin full of carrots. It's even okay if you donate just because you really, really, really want to win our gorgeous 2017 fundraiser quilt!

Hay, Hay, Hay

Our Annual Quilt Hay Fundraiser has begun.

This beautiful 72"x72" "Rustic Log Cabin" quilt is crafted of 100% cotton with a cozy flannel back to keep you warm and cozy all winter long. Alternately, you could hang it on a wall in your home where it is guaranteed to wow all who lay eyes on its vibrant colors and rare craftswomanship.

Tickets are just a $5 donation each or you can increase your chances, donate $20 and get 5 tickets... that's right, you'll get an extra chance to win OR you can pay it forward and give a friend a chance! 100% of all proceeds go toward purchasing the winter hay that keeps animals like our donkey family, Fig Brayburn, Braynard and Beatrice Braymore, happy and healthy all winter long. The lucky winner will be announced December 16th so you will have plenty of time to receive it before the holidays.

Don't wait. Get your tickets today and help us provide peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.

Thanks for all you do. Good luck!

Three Ways To Enter:

  1. Donate via one of our Donate keys. Tell Us "I REALLY want to win the Tomten Quilt!!!" in the message line and how many tickets you would like. Then click. We will fill out as many tickets as you would like and you will be entered to win.


  2. Send a donation check for as many tickets as you would like and we will fill out the tickets for you and you will be entered to win. Here's our address: Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, P.O. Box 85, Haverhill, NH 03765. Remember... be sure to mail them to arrive in time for the December 16th drawing!
  3. Spread the word!!!! Remember how fun it was to sell Girl Scout Cookies? Click here to print out paper tickets so your friends and family can have a chance to win, too!! They can fill them out and send them with their own donation check to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, P.O. Box 85, Haverhill, NH 03765. Just be sure to remind them sure to mail them to arrive in time for the December 16th drawing!


Hello Kitty Fundraiser

Love kitties? So do we, especially black ones and tortoiseshell ones. Enter the Black Cat Inn at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

And now we have meow-velous news…especially for our cat loving supporters.

Thanks to the inspiration provided by our original black barn cat Skaii Kitty, The Black Cat Inn (partially funded by a donor who wishes to be anonymous) from Horizon Shelters has arrived!! We don't know about you, but we can't stop purring with delight!

Now, as donations arrive/funds allow, we will begin building the fenced in outside play area that will keep our at-risk rescued meowsers safe as they transition to the farm. The play yard fencing will be epoxy covered heavy-grade wire all around—it will be both dig-proof and climb proof. We estimate the cost to be about $2500.

Then, let the years of feline saves begin as we start to welcome black and tortoise shell (the most commonly euthanized colors) cats of all ages. Whether they stay on the farm as barn cats or find adoptive homes, dreams will begin to come true for cats in need.

Thanks for any help you can give to help us save more kitties. Donate to Tomten's Kitty Play Area here and be sure to let us know that this is where you want your much appreciated funds to be used.



Three Little Pigs Fundraiser

Really, can anyone have too many pigs? We would love to help two
(maybe three?!!) baby piglets take a detour from the usual auction to slaughterhouse (or pig roast/Easter dinner table) route to instead live a full life and a much better life full of peace, protection and possibility. But to do that, another pig shelter must be ordered. What do you think?  More pigs? Want to help buck the current "all bacon, all the time" trend? Mabel Consuela and Diego Montoya oink a resounding "YES" and are standing by to process your donation. We estimate the new pig shed cost to be about $4500.

Be sure to let them (and us) know that this is where you want your much appreciated funds to be used.



Hop to It Rabbit Fundraiser

Even domesticated rabbits like to run, hop, dig, graze and explore. Our bunny enjoys supervised outdoor activity, of course, but a safe outdoor yard for him (and our 2018 Easter season rabbit rescues) would greatly increase their fun, extend their out-of-the-hutch time and give all of us more peace of mind.

If you agree, please respond quick like a bunny and donate to this furry little fundraiser. The play yard fencing will be epoxy covered heavy-grade wire all around—it will be both dig-proof and climb proof. We estimate the cost to be about $1500. Be sure to let us know that this is where you want your much appreciated funds to be used.


Meet The Quiltmaker

Every year, dedicated Tomten Board Member, brilliant New England Fiber Artist and a woman whose creativity and many talents are only exceeded by her dedication to the animals of Tomten, Laima W., dedicates much of her time to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

In addition to her title of "Keeper of the Farm," driving 3 hours each way to volunteer 2-3 times a week at Tomten, she also spends countless hours in her studio lovingly creating a handcrafted quilt which she donates to Tomten as a fundraising vehicle. Her quilts are destined to become unique family heirlooms. We are so very grateful to be able to offer you the opportunity to potentially own this quilt and, hopefully, honor Laima's efforts by helping us pay for part or all (!!!) of our winter hay supply.

The Quilt

The Log Cabin quilt pattern is the most recognizable of quilt designs. These quilts first made an appearance in the 1890's during the Civil War, and were identified with the pioneer spirit and the values of America.

A red center symbolized the hearth of the home, whereas a yellow center represented a welcoming light. Based on oral folklore, a quilt with a black center hanging on a clothesline was meant to signal a safe house for the Underground Railroad. As you can see, Tomten's quilt has a red center which in addition to the traditional hearth of the home, we like to think symbolizes the warmth we feel for our rescued animals, our supporters and, of course, our dedicated volunteers.

In the latter 19th century, 3-dimensional Log Cabin quilts were sometimes made with variations of settings with names reflecting the themes of the times. The White House Steps, Court House Steps, eight-sided Pineapple, Barn Raising, and Sunshine and Shadows are just some of the hundreds of name and pattern variation. It's virtually impossible to run out of ways to make beautiful Log Cabin quilts. Laima's quilting style is influenced by the quilters of Gee's Bend Alabama and quilter Jean Wells.



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