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Jean Pierre
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the Potata

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Ruby Roo

Grippie Coyote

Taela the Tulip
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Jon Pierre LaFleur Woof Woof ("Bug") (rescue)

This handsome little guy is a young Pomeranian cross. He's animated, engaging, affectionate, intelligent, inquisitive, expressive and small (maybe 20 pounds).  He has an angel on his shoulder.

"Bug" was found running loose on a baseball field. From there, he ended up in a kill shelter, was rescued from there by a no-kill organization and had the amazing good fortune to be fostered by a wonderful client of my Boston dog training business. Our introduction to him was during a courtesy behavior evaluation. We instantly fell in love.

When the right home didn't come around, we couldn't risk letting him end up in another bad situation so we offered to help Bug with some badly needed training.

As my mother says all the time about him, "It's a good thing he's so darn cute." We'll admit, like many of our rescues, "Bug" has a few issues but we love him just the same. Smart, fun and feisty, his antics amuse every visitor to the farm.

Thank you to The Pawsitive Dog, Boston MA, for your full sponsorship of Jean Pierre LaFleur.

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Nata the Potata  (rescue)

Nata's original owners adopted him as a puppy. They thought he was… are you ready for this…. a Bichon Frise, a little cottonball of a dog that grows up to weigh just 7-12 lbs! Instead, Nata grew up to what he is today, a gorgeous fluffy 40 lb. Keeshond (pronounced KAYZ-hawnd).

Through no fault of his own, Nata turned out to be way too big (both in size and personality) for people expecting a compact little Bichon, and he needed to be re-homed. Surprisingly, we found no takers. After several months had passed, we felt it would be unfair to uproot him from the farm.

Nata's home is now Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. Cheerful and happy, he is our resident jokester who delights in teasing his fellow canines. He finds just about everything and everybody amusing and entertaining.

He loves winter. We love him.

Thank you to The Pawsitive Dog, Boston MA, for your full sponsorship of Nata the Potata.

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Rosie Farm Dog (rescue)

This beautiful golden retriever might just love the farm more than any other resident. In fact, it was her sheer, unadulterated  joy at just being here that saved her life five years ago.

Unhappy, food aggressive, dog aggressive and child aggressive, she truly was not adoptable or, for that matter, safe in most situations. More than one vet and trainer had classified her as "unadoptable." She didn't have a chance and was scheduled to be euthanized by her previous owners.

Upon arrival here, however, it quickly became obvious to us that Rosie loved the farm and had a vigor for life that could not be ignored. We offered her one last chance and she seized that opportunity. She successfully merged with our pack here at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary and surprised us by becoming more balanced and trustworthy. She earned a home for the rest of her days.

We don't fool ourselves into believing Rosie could succeed in a normal home environment. We have strict rules with this dog (for both her and Farm guests), but she is beautiful to watch and eager to welcome adults into her world. You will find it hard to resist this gorgeous rescue's charm and like us, are certain to see how grateful she is to be Rosie Farm Dog,  thriving here each and every day.

Thank you to The Pawsitive Dog, Boston MA, for your full sponsorship of Rosie Farm Dog.

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Ruby Roo (rescue)

Meet sweet and petite rescue, Ruby Roo.

The smallest canine here on the farm, Ruby was surrendered several years ago due to divorce and behavior issues.  How could we not let her stay?

Our resident house dog, she is the first to alert us when coyotes are near with her sharp "Let me at 'em" bark and would run out to challenge them if we let her. In addition to her watch-dog duty, she enjoys naps in the sun, comfy dog beds, regular trips to work with me and food… of almost any kind.

You can occasionally see her out in the barn waiting for a chicken egg on summer mornings—a favorite treat for all the dogs—but generally she prefers to stay clean and leave the farm work to others.

Thank you to The Pawsitive Dog, Boston MA, for your full sponsorship of Ruby Roo.

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Grippie Coyote (rescue)

If Grippie were human, he would be every woman's idea of the boyfriend everyone warned you about but you went out with anyway... but not for long.  VERY handsome but kind of tricky. Complicated, suspicious, intelligent, sensitive, silly, over-stimulated, aggressive, loving, persistent, searching and more. That's Grippie.

This beautiful Belgian Malinois was a short-term visitor at our farm long before we became Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. When it came time for him to return home, his owner had decided he no longer wanted him. Sadly, he was pretty much unadoptable and the plan for his future was, well, no future at all. He was going to be euthanized.

Needless to say, we transferred his status from guest to Rescue. He stayed. He punctured water buckets, attacked hoses and chased other animals, blew up wheelbarrow tires, started dog fights, peed in the house and took his role as my personal guardian way too seriously. Good looks aside, it was not love at first sight. But, frustrated as we were with each other, we kept at it, we compromised and he stole my heart. Over time he carved out a place for himself as one of those special dogs that just crawl inside you - if there were favorites, surprisingly, he'd be one.

Thank you to The Pawsitive Dog, Boston MA, for your full sponsorship of Grippie Coyote.

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Taela the Tulip (resident)

Our personal pet dog which we have owned since she was 7 weeks old, Taela is our canine farm ambassador… the first dog to trot up and greet you every time you come through the gate.

Loyal, subtly watchful of woman and beast, Taela the Tulip is happy to accompany us on our many treks down to the manure dumpster, keep the boisterous pigs in line and call on her innate herding skills to point the goats barnward when it's time to go in for the night.

Taela is a Belgian Malinois, a top breed choice for  law enforcement, search and rescue, and military bomb sniffing. She, however, provides the public with a view of this intense breed's other traits that you sometimes never see when they're on-the-clock. Stable, friendly, calm and rational, she's a also a girl who's not afraid to flaunt her silly side as you see her here happily posing in her Tomten costume. (Thank you Amy!)

Oh sure, she has it in her, that famous Malinois drive and oomph. But she keeps it in reserve. It's there if she ever needs it. She just would prefer to keep things amicable unless otherwise directed. Best friend of Traak, our late all-black German Shepherd, Taela is starting to feel her age. She will be irreplaceable when she finally departs this life to join Traak in that great farm in the sky.

Note: Taela the Tulip is our personal dog. We support her with personal funds, not donations/sponsorships.

Omar (resident)

So that was Taela the Belgian Malinois.

And this is Omar the Belgian Malinois, another one of our personal dogs.

Welcome to a glimpse into the complexity and uniqueness of Belgian Malinois dogs... canines that dog trainers do not recommend  for inexperienced or easily intimidated dog owners.

Omar is what this breed's fans call a "real-deal Malinois." He is a man with a plan… to keep Tomten Farm and Sanctuary and all its residents safe. And he takes his job very seriously.

Omar's pedigree is one of competition, working, sport dogs and police dogs. His father, brother and other assorted relatives work as respected K-9 dogs in various law enforcement departments throughout New England.

Big, strong high-energy, intense and watchful with a deep voice and fierce loyalty, Omar has a goofball side to him. When he's not patrolling the property, he even stops to smell the roses every now and then. He is definitely a girl's best friend.

Note: Omar is our personal dog. We support him with personal funds, not donations/sponsorships.

Did You Know...

You can do your part in keeping dogs out of shelters and rescues even before you even own a dog. How? Take your time, do your research and be sure you choose a breed (or mix of breeds) that's suited to your present and future lifestyle.

Owning a dog is an 8-15 year commitment. There's a lot more to consider, for example, than "how much does he shed?". Think high energy or low energy? Kid lover or kid avoider ? Easily trained or slow learner? Talk to professional trainers and, when you've narrowed down your choices, take a good one with you to evaluate your pup before you bring her home.  Or even easier, start by visiting the library and borrowing the book, "Paws to Consider: Choosing the Right Dog for You and Your Family" by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson. It's essential pre-dog shopping reading.

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