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Volunteer Work Days

Have you already been on a Tomten Tour?* Want a real hands-on behind-the-scenes farm experience that will help provide peace, protection and possibility for the animals of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary? Then join us! Full disclosure: you WILL get Down and Dirty! Plan to break a sweat, make an impact and enjoy a full, rewarding day with like-minded people, great animals and a beautiful view.

Don't let age, strength or stamina keep you home—we have a wide range of activities for everybody.  Some weekends we may have one specific project we want to accomplish (as we did preparing our roadside wildflower area on Earth Day.)  Typical chores we tackle may include, but are not limited to:  cleaning stalls, turnouts and shelters, filling hay nets, cleaning tack, putting protective shelter flaps on or off shelters, installing Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls, repairing fences, clearing brush, cleaning water tanks, buckets and summer pools and more. Experienced volunteers may give animal baths, groom, trim goats' hooves, etc. And with our new barn, there will be a whole lot of organizing, stocking and so many more exciting new projects.

In addition to the fun, camaraderie and satisfaction that comes with volunteering, Down and Dirty Work Day volunteers who put in a specified number of hours and master necessary skills may be eligible to participate in Tomten's People Project where you choose a project animal to work with one-on-one a few days per week.

So go ahead, grab your calendar, reserve the day(s). To avoid disappointment, RSVP soon.

Upcoming Down and Dirty Work Days:

  • Saturday June 30th, 2018
  • Saturday July 14th, 2018
  • Saturday July 21st, 2018

Additional dates to be announced soon. Watch this space or go to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary Events page.

ALWAYS APPRECIATED: Carpenters, Plumbers, Painters, Electricians, Landscapers, Loggers, Excavators, Handymen and Women. Our to-do list is long and time, funds and specialized skills are short. We would love to welcome skilled volunteers who could donate their time to construct more playground fixtures (see-saws, bridges, etc) for our goats, to build fenced in predator proof (dig-proof and climb-proof) outside play areas for our
rabbits and our Black Cat Inn residents, to remove trees and brush for our proposed trail network, install bear-deterring electric fencing around our chicken and duck areas, and hang some solar-powered motion-detector lights.

COMING SOON! Are you a dedicated volunteer in Tomten's Down and Dirty Workdays program? If so, the answer to this could be "YES! I have a reservation!" Imagine waking up to a chorus of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary animals as your alarm clock! We hope to be able to offer simple bunkhouse-style overnights in our new barn for some of our loyal road-warrior volunteers. Stay tuned for exciting details!!!

Together we are Tomten Farm and Sanctuary and with your help, we make a difference in the lives of animals in need. Hope to see you soon!

*Haven't joined us on a tour yet? Sorry, you must attend one of our organized Tomten Farm Tours prior to participating in our Down and Dirty Work Days. Please see our Farm Tours page for upcoming dates. We hope to meet you soon.


As with any event, structure makes it smoother, so there is necessary fine print. Due to space restrictions and so we don't overwhelm our animals, a head count is important. As always, on-site events are RSVP only — we regret WE CANNOT ACCEPT Facebook clicks, "interested" or "going" as a formal response (even though we absolutely love to see your enthusiasm and informal responses!).


Please, please, please email us at, private message us on facebook or call our dedicated Tomten phone line (603) 989-5800 if you'll be coming. (Please note: That line accepts voice but not text messages.) Be certain to let us know what event you will attend, your name and the names of others who will accompany you so we can get your entire party on our roster and pass along our physical address and directions if needed. REMEMBER, ATTENDEES OF OUR DOWN AND DIRTY WORKDAYS MUST HAVE PREVIOUSLY ATTENDED A PUBLIC TOMTEN FARM TOUR.

Should your plans change, please be sure to let us know so others may attend. Events often fill quickly and we would hate to say no to an inquiring participant only to find there was actually room due to no-shows who failed to notify us. We regret that no early birds, late arrivals or unexpected drop-ins are allowed as it detracts from the experience of others.

DETAILS: Gates open from 10:45-11:00. We work from 11:00-3:30 with breaks and lunch mixed in, and 3:30-4:15 is photo op/one-on-one time with the Tomten animals. Drinks supplied, but we ask everyone to bring a bagged lunch (please, out of respect for our animals, no meat dishes). Wear seasonally appropriate clothing and footwear (think Muck Boots, gloves, hats, etc. No flip flops, no open toed shoes) that can get dirty (the weather can be slightly unpredictable so plan for anything, high temps/sun, low temps/clouds and/or wind, snow and drizzle.) We always recommend that you wear layers and bring a change of clothing and socks/shoes in case you get wet, muddy or would like to drive home in something clean. Out of safety concerns for our many of our road warrior volunteers who drive 3+ hours to attend , bad weather may require us to cancel a work day. Click here for Haverhill, NH weather and call (603)989-5800 if you are unsure.

As always, there is no formal admission charge to join the fun, however, contributions of any wish list item or donations of any amount are humbly requested, accepted and appreciated. As you can imagine, it is a costly venture to keep this farm afloat and we can't operate it, continue to grow or open Tomten Farm and Sanctuary's gates to you without help.

Security and safety are important to the well being of all at TF&S. Please understand that with children, animals and strangers at our personal residence, experience has taught us that establishing and enforcing clear farm rules is essential.

We require a signed release and a photo ID from every attendee who enters our property - no exceptions. Please print
Tomten release forms off our website for each person who will be attending; read at your leisure, sign, and bring with you to the Work Day. If you signed a release when you attended a public Farm Tour, that release is also good for Down and Dirty Work Days for one year from the date it was originally signed.

Independent exploration is not allowed.  Out of concern for your safety and the safety of our animals, please do not enter or cut through adjacent woodlands and fenced pastures.

DOGS: While we love your dogs, we do not allow loose dogs at the farm. On cool fall days and moderate winter days, you are welcome to bring quiet, well-behaved dogs, leave them in your car and walk them in approved areas of the farm before, after and during lunch. We will not allow disruptive dogs (i.e. barking, unleashed, etc.) to remain on the property—safety first. Please check the weather and plan accordingly.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property and while we respect your right to own them, we ask that you leave firearms at home or appropriately secured in your vehicle.

Dates are subject to change dependent upon weather and unexpected circumstances. Please confirm the Event is going on as scheduled on our Facebook Events page. If a Down and Dirty Workday is canceled, we will leave a message on the Tomten Farm and Sanctuary phone line: (603) 989-5800.

Neigh, quack, baaaa, meow, woof, cluck, oink, honk, maaa, bray and of course, moooo! See you soon!

Tomten is a Working Farm & Sanctuary

Farm Bathroom Facilities
Are Plain and Simple
While our exciting new barn nears completion, we are pleased to offer you an authentic farm experience: our outdoor unisex Porta-Potty. We pride ourselves on its frequent pump-outs, reliable supply of toilet paper and a unique decorating style.

The Farm Environment
is Not a Walk in the Park
As with most New England farms, you may encounter rocks, divots, dips, slight inclines/declines, mud, dust, insects, cow flaps (otherwise known as manure), briars, branches, and animals who shed, drool, lick, snort, sneeze and love-nip you with delightful abandonment. It is possible you could get a splinter from our fence rails, trip over a chipmunk, get bitten by a deer fly, or realize later that you have brought home a teeny tiny tick—which is why we advise natural bug repellent application and  thoroughly checking yourselves and your children when visiting during spring and summer months.

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Did You Know...

"You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give."
                                                                               ~Winston Churchill

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