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Tomten Farm and Sanctuary FAQ'S

Where do your animals come from?
Animals come from many sources. Several have been rescued at livestock auctions including Camelot, Unadilla and New Holland. Others have come directly from meat breeders. A few came to us from other Rescues. Some came from private parties who needed to place their animals in a place where they knew they would be safe and well cared for. You will also find non-Rescues at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, our personally funded resident animals we purchased over the years before we officially started Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. No Tomten Farm and Sanctuary donations are used to support our personally owned animals.

How can I donate?


Donate Now
Thank you for asking! The fastest, easiest way to help is send your tax-deductible donation is via PayPal. You can also mail your donation to the address below. Tomten Farm and Sanctuary is, and always will be, a dedicated non-profit with an unwavering moral and ethical pledge to 100% transparency.

    Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
    P.O. Box 85
    Haverhill, New Hampshire  03765
    (603) 989-5800

Is my donation tax deductible?
YES!!!! Tomten Farm and Sanctuary retains 501(c)(3) status from the IRS and is a nonprofit organization registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Your contributions to support our animals and are mission are 100% tax deductible.

When is Tomten Farm and Sanctuary open to visitors?
Watch our
Events page and Facebook posts for announcements of our Farm Tour Days. We also host other special events including Senior Days, Kids' Day, Clinics, Read to a Rescue Days and more fun opportunities open to the public. See our Programs page for more information on these ongoing programs. All volunteers are required to complete our Liability Release & Waiver Form.

Are any of your animals available for adoption?
Yes! From time to time, we offer appropriate rescued animals for adoption. We encourage you to watch our
facebook page for news of auction rescue missions Many others are in lifelong sanctuary here at the farm. We also offer, T A D A… Tomten Animal Dream Adoption, simply called TAdoption.

TAdoption is perfect for those who have always dreamed of having a farm animal of their own  but are unable to have one due to lack of pasture, barn, time, parental approval or other resources.  TAdoption makes it possible for an animal candidate to live his or her dream life, remaining right here in permanent sanctuary at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, And you, the TAdopter , finally get to realize your dream of having your very own cow, horse, goat, pig, donkey, sheep, chicken, etc.

We also encourage you to help ALL our animals by enrolling in our monthly donation program.

How and when can I volunteer?
While we would love to welcome everyone who expresses interest in volunteering, we are a small facility and, in fairness to both animals and humans, we regrettably must limit the number of Muck boots on the ground. We encourage you to contact us to inquire about current opportunities and/or add your name to our wait list to participate in our
Down and Dirty Work Days. You will get to spend a day with the animals and see if volunteering seems like it would be right for you. Interested? Call us at 617-331-8435, private message us on our Facebook page, or email us at tomtenfarmandsanctuary@gmail.com. All volunteers are required to complete our Liability Release & Waiver Form.

Can children volunteer at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary?
Kids 12 and older with a genuine desire to help and learn are welcome to volunteer with parental consent.  Children under 12 are considered on a case-by-case basis and only with on-site parental involvement and supervision. Please request a permission form prior to arriving.

Can I ride the horses and ponies at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary?
Tomten Farm and Sanctuary is not a riding stable and we do not offer pony rides or lessons. We will, however, be happy to give you recommendations of nearby stables and instructors who do offer excellent lesson programs.

Can I participate in your
Natural Horsemanship clinics/Natural Animalmanship classes with my own horse or other animal?
While we are firm believers in the value of Natural Horsemanship/Animalmanship training, our classes are structured to be learning experiences for Tomten Farm and Sanctuary horses/other animals and our dedicated volunteers and others who use these classes as opportunities to perfect the skills needed to handle equines safely and confidently. Auditors are welcome at select clinics for a small donation. We are always happy to recommend other Natural Horsemanship practitioners who will allow you to ship in with your own horse or who can travel to your barn.

What happens when one of your Rescue animals get old and sick?
We make a lifelong commitment to every animal in our care, regardless of age and/or infirmities. Should that animal's condition become too painful for it to maintain a good quality of life and we have exhausted all avenues of veterinary care along with traditional and holistic solutions, we are committed to easing that animal over the Rainbow Bridge humanely and with dignity via vet-assisted euthanasia.

What's new today?
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Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.

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