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It's said that money cannot buy happiness. When it comes to rescue and sanctuary, we must respectfully disagree. Every life that is spared, every animal given a second chance or a well-earned retirement is living proof that your much-appreciated contributions can help bring peace, protection and possibility to animals in need. And that, in our opinion, is true happiness.

While we always appreciate contributions to our General Fund which gives us the discretion to direct your donation to Tomten's day-to-day expenses (see bottom of page), we sometimes need to reach out and rally our amazing Tomten troops for a little extra help. Our Fundraisers are directed toward specific animals' needs or essential sanctuary projects that, without your generous support, could take much longer, force us to make some tough decisions or never even get off the ground.

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Hay, Hay, Hay…Our Annual Winter Hay Fundraiser has begun!
Presenting "Winter Sky" Our 2018 Raffle Quilt
Created and donated by Laima W.

Designed and donated with love to help us purchase Tomten Farm and Sanctuary's incredibly large and necessary supply of winter hay.

This fine-art quilt, "Winter Sky" is no ordinary quilt. It was handcrafted and donated for our biggest and most important fundraiser of the year by our own Board Member,
New England Fiber Artist and International Quilt competitor and winner, Laima W. Over 400 hours of creativity, cutting, measuring, sewing and unadulterated love went into
its creation. If you're  a numbers person, you'll also appreciate this: there are  2.5 miles of thread connecting the approximately 500 pieces that were hand-cut and thoughtfully placed. Wow! And like all things Tomten, it has its own story.

When we asked Laima what the inspiration was for this year's masterpiece, she said, "It was inspired by the early winter sky at the farm. I designed it using colors and organic lines/shapes aimed to portray the cold winter sky, and the battle we have against the winter elements. The square is us trying to keep the winter at bay but sometimes it gets the best of us here at the farm, hence the leaks of color from the middle square."

This one-of-a-kind quilt is 80 inches x 80 inches and made entirely of pure, 100% cotton. Display it in a place of honor on your wall, on your bed or snuggle under it on your sofa on cold winter nights. Front is seen here, back is wedgewood blue flannel, signed by the artist and includes an original quote from one of last winter's Tomten Facebook posts about leggy supermodel Taabe Summer Storm...

"and she stood up to winter, strong and powerful, with a fire and a spirit that
cut through the cold with the breath of life and the twinkle of dreams come true."

Winner will be announced Sunday, November 25th so you will have plenty of time to take delivery of this beautiful quilt before old man winter knocks on your door.

Tickets are just $5.00 each or five for $20.00. Increase your chances by purchasing as many as you would like. Be sure to include your email or mobile phone number so we can text or email you a copy of your tickets to confirm your entry.

Three Ways To Enter:

  1. Purchase tickets via our Donate key.  Tell us "I REALLY want to win the Tomten Quilt!!!" in the message line and how many tickets you would like. Then click.*
  2. Send a donation check for as many tickets as you would like.* Here's our mailing address: Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, P.O. Box 85, Haverhill, NH 03765. Remember... be sure to mail your request to arrive in time for November 25th drawing!
  3. Spread the word!!!! Click here to print out paper tickets so your friends and family can have a chance to win, too!! They can fill them out and send them with their own donation check to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, P.O. Box 85, Haverhill, NH 03765. Just be sure to remind them sure to mail them to arrive in time for the November 25th drawing!

* We will fill out the number of tickets you specify and you will be entered to win.

Thank you for all you do as together we offer peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.

About the artist
In addition to being the Vice President on the Board of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, Laima is the "keeper of the farm," a dedicated caretaker of the property and its resident animals several days each week. Somehow, along with her unwavering loyalty to Tomten, she finds time to create one -of-a-kind works as a passionate fiber artist whose pieces are admired in exhibitions, shows and galleries locally, nationally and internationally. Laima also finds tremendous joy in donating her time to teaching seniors the art of quilting.

Her "Winter Sky" creation was created specifically to be donated to Tomten as this year's fundraising vehicle for our winter hay drive. (We cannot thank Laima enough for  very generously donating an original fundraiser quilt to Tomten each year.)

Note: Her "Harvest Moon" quilt (shown at right) was recently awarded first place in the Contemporary Quilts category of the Festival of Quilts, Europe's leading patchwork and quilting event attracting 24,000 quilters from all over the world. The show is a celebration of quilting with a magnificent display of over 700 competition quilts. Her prize-winning "Harvest Moon" quilt is currently on tour.

2018 International Festival of Quilts Winner
"Harvest Moon"
Also created by fiber artist Laima W.

Celebrate, Honor, Share, Remember, Thank, Memorialize
on a Permanent Custom-Designed Tomten "Honor Rail" Plaque

Our safe and secure 4-rail wood-fenced in-and-outs are now in place for all 16 stalls of our new barn.

We call those wood rails Honor Rails, a place to proudly display a permanent roster of those who make or have made a difference, and/or deserve remembrance, honor or recognition.

Would you like to be part of the peace, protection and possibility that our barn's in-and-outs will help provide our animals for years to come?

If you answered, "yes," we would love to honor those who contribute to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary by placing a distinctive 4" x 8" bronze plaque honoring a person, family, pet, group or business on our Honor Rails for all to see.

What's on the plaque? Well, that's up to you. It can be a memorial to a loved one who you know would have thoroughly enjoyed the farm. Or maybe a nod to your own beloved rescued pet of today or yesterday. It could even be your desire to inspire others with your favorite quote. Birthdays, anniversaries, wedding congrats, welcome new baby, your favorite Tomten animal's's your choice. Your special plaque will be a permanent part of the farm for years to come.

In an effort to create a place where dreams come true, each in-and-out is available for sponsorship for a tax-deductible contribution of $1850.00. If you are interested in leaving a legacy of love at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, please reach out to chat with us at or calling 603-989-5800.

Together we are TF&S and together, one by one, life-by-life, we make a difference for animals in need.

Thank you, Marcia and Fred, for Creating Our First Honor Rail Plaque.

There is no one more fitting than our neighbors to make the first contribution. While much to our regret, they do not currently reside here in NH,  they do own property here. Their beautiful woodlands sit opposite our farm. An unspoiled forest Inhabited only by native New Hampshire flora, fauna and fungi, their acreage stretches 1/2 the length of TF&S (on the other side of the road), bringing magic, beauty and a natural peacefulness to our location. Now, Fred and Marcia bring that same magic and beauty to our side of the road with a meaningful contribution that will remain here permanently. For many years to come, it will help us continue to give the gift of life to animals in need.

What could be better? Maybe the fact that this plaque was a very special 50th Anniversary gift from Fred to Marcia? Be still my heart.

When I asked what drew them to animal rescue, Marcia said this:  A country gal, she grew up next door to her grandparents' farm with its kittens, baby goats and team of huge "work" horses. A "city boy," Fred became an animal lover in no time and is a big supporter of small, local animal rescues where the bulk of all donations go to the animals' overhead and not the salary of a CEO. They originally heard of Tomten from their son Paul and are thankful for our good works. Her late mom, she says, would have been our biggest fan.

Thank you, Fred and Marcia, for helping us help those in need. Every animal deserves dreams come true and we thank you for your generosity and support as together we make a difference for today, tomorrow and years to come.

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This little piggy went to market.
We've rewritten that nursery rhyme.
THIS little piggy has gone wee, wee, wee, all the way home— to Tomten!

Every animal has a story including the "runtiest of runts," a little meat pig named Grover.



Grover, "the runtiest of runts"

Together with his littermates, Grover was destined to become the pasture-raised pork in demand for farm-to-table meals, weekend pig roasts and holiday hams. As a wee, wee piglet, initially he became part of the Beans and Greens Farm seasonal petting zoo. While there was no Charlotte to come to his aid with her beautiful webs, it was obvious to all who met him that he was "Some Pig." After a summer of love, it was determined that this special pig would be pardoned from the farm's menu and product list but only if an appropriate home could be found.

Tomten Farm and Sanctuary offered to be that home for many reasons.

First, we believe every animal deserves a dream come true and we wanted to offer Grover the peace, protection and possibility we think all lives deserve.

Second, while I personally don't eat meat, many of you on this journey still do and quite honestly if we are looking at the difference between a small, local family-run farm and their competitor—the industrial farmer—we prefer to support the former. It is that person who is the true farmer, and those animals who feel the sun on their backs, the earth underfoot and have the opportunity to enjoy friendships and family during their short time on this earth.

Third, this is a unique opportunity for Tomten to raise awareness, an important part of our mission. Everyone loves baby animals and petting zoos but few people ever wonder this: what happens to those animals at the end of the season or when they reach adulthood? Thanks to this collaboration between farm and sanctuary, more will be aware of one of future that piglets like Grover can face when they age, size and seasonally time out.

Our fourth reason is that compassion is contagious and we applaud Beans and Greens Farm in Gilford, NH for going out on a limb for this pig. They raise meat animals and provide a product to the public; yet even so there is an appreciation and reverence for life and a desire for those in their care to be as happy and healthy as possible while they are there. There is a desire to make a difference and support animal welfare.

When summer returns, we encourage you to visit Grover's former home, Beans and Greens Farm in Guilford, NH. Traverse the corn maze, purchase some produce and thank the owners for having the courage to make a move that is probably counterintuitive to their business success. As always, we know that you will keep your interactions with this partnering farm positive and respectful.

Fifth, as open land and farms disappear at an alarming rate, I think it is important for all of us to work together to secure the postcard-worthy way of life our region has enjoyed for generations. Farms, farm stands, rescues and sanctuaries are a big part of the landscape we all want to preserve.

And finally, rescue should not about "us against them;" it is a complicated gray area. We strongly believe that courteous, respectful relationships with farmers, kill buyers, auction houses and more help develop harmonious relationships that help animals, spread knowledge and foster a future that is better than today.



Mabel and Diego's shed
cost Tomten approx. $4500

Here at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, we wanted nothing more than to bring Grover home but we always try to keep one Muck Boot in reality in these situations. Stepping up for an animal who will be challenging if not impossible to adopt out (while he was the runt of the litter, he definitely is not a mini pig), means being prepared to shoulder the responsibility of his lifetime care. In the case of Grover, a domestic meat pig, that includes assuming the expenses for a guy who, well, a guy who eats like a pig (as much as a horse) and will live six to ten years. And while we are hoping that a friendship might develop between Grover and our two adult rescued Berkshire residents Mabel and Diego, it might not. In that case, a second separate pig shed (see right) surrounded by its own secure 4-rail wood-fenced  turnout  (approx. $10,000) are absolute necessities if Grovie is not able to safely and successfully integrate into our existing pig herd.

And That's Where You Come In



No ifs, ands or butts,
Grover needs your support!!!


We are grateful that fundraising for Grover's new pig digs has already gotten a bit of a head start thanks to Greens and Beans, an initial article in the Caledonian Record newspaper and subsequent news articles published via the generous advocacy of Vermont's correspondent for the Associated Press, journalist Wilson Ring.*

Saving a pig, however, does not generate anywhere near the attention or funding it should. Every donation, no matter how small, will help us provide for Grover's life of peace, protection and possibility. Thank you!

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*We encourage you to download Wilson Ring's Kindle book "Catching Murphy," the saga of Murphy, a runaway Vermont golden retriever who spent 559 days on the run spanning two brutal New England winters. His adventure captivated the entire Green Mountain state and…spoiler alert…inspired an online community of animal lovers to bring him home.


The First Day of the Rest of Grover's Life – October 30th, 2018 Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
Fundraising continues for a permanent pig shed and safely fenced pasture for Grover

Safely Meeting New Friends
(fingers crossed)

Exploring the Sheepadoodles' and Goats' Playground
While They are Busy Elsewhere

Dreams CAN Come True, Grover


Hop to It Rabbit Run Fundraiser

Even domesticated rabbits like to run, hop, dig, graze and explore. Tomten's bunnies enjoy supervised outdoor activity, of course, but a safe outdoor yard for Bunny Foo Foo, Smudge Bunny and future rabbit rescues would greatly increase their fun, extend their out-of-the-hutch time and give all of us more peace of mind.  If you agree, please respond quick like a bunny and contribute to this furry little fundraiser. The play yard fencing will be epoxy covered heavy-grade wire all around—it will be both dig-proof and climb proof. We estimate the cost to be about $1500. Be sure to let us know that this is where you want your much-appreciated contribution to be utilized.

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And Speaking of Rabbits…..
Adorable, Adoptable Available For Her Forever Home Right Now: Smudge Bunny

SAFE! From auction crate to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary and now waiting for you!

Read more about how you can adopt Smudge Bunny—hop over here for details.


Contribute to Our General Fund.
 It is absolutely essential to our everyday operations. It isn't glamorous and doesn't get as much attention as, for example, an auction rescue mission, but it is critical to continue our growth and ensure our survival. Your contribution in any amount is a 'click and easy' way to help us support the needs and day-to-day care of the 50+ rescues here on the farm . If you are wondering just how numerous those needs are, they run from A-Z as you will see when you review our "A –Z Sanctuary's Alphabet," a year-round list of the many essential items we regularly use and replace to do what we do. And that long list doesn't even include the inevitable bills like emergency rescue missions, horse trailer repairs, etc.!

Thanks for considering a contribution to our General Fund. We promise we will use it wisely.

Donate NowMake a One-Time 'click and easy' Contribution!

Checks Welcome! Please mail to:

    Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
    P.O. Box 85
    Haverhill, NH 03765

Remember, we are an approved 501(c)(3) so your contribution is tax deductible.  Be sure to give us your name, mailing address and email address so we can send a receipt for your tax records.

Our Mission
We're an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.
Helping animals, helping humans and making dreams come true one life at a time through rescue, sanctuary, adoption and education.


Did You Know...

Unlike major fundraising operations, our "Development Office" is our kitchen table. We have zero payroll because we are 100% volunteer staffed. Yes, 100%. Our founder, Board members and dedicated volunteers contribute their labor to keep the farm running, the books balanced, and the animals happy and well cared for. You can contribute with confidence knowing that 100% of your donation always goes directly to the horses, donkeys, ponies, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, geese, dogs and cats who have found peace, protection and possibility at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. 

See How Your Contribution
Makes a Difference Every Day

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Old and no longer able to be ridden, Fern Raventail was rescued from one of the large equine auctions. Without your help, she was likely headed to a Canadian slaughterhouse. See how your contribution brightens her days on Tomten Farm and Sanctuary's Instagram page.


Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.

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