Make it an Occasion Donation

Four Out of Four of Our Rescues Agree:
"Every Occasion Should Include a Tomten Donation!"

Birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, remembering a beloved pet, expressing thanks, requesting a donation in lieu of funeral flowers, honoring a mentor or someone who inspired your love and respect of animals, all are perfect opportunities to make a contribution in someone's name to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. Your friends and relatives will admire your altruism and love the idea of making a contribution to your favorite nonprofit. It's a gift that makes everybody feel good because they know they are making you feel good.

Here's how our first three Donation Occasion birthday girls, Nicole, Addy and Evie, let their guests know their wishes: "skip the gifts and donate to a cause I really care about." We bet you can get creative, too!


Nicole Posted Her Occasion Donation Request on Facebook

Nicole was an early adopter of using Facebook to invite friends and relatives to contribute to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary on Facebook rather than presenting her with traditional birthday gifts.

We suspect that this was also a way for Nicole to celebrate the life of Viva, a thoroughbred mare we had brought into sanctuary when she had nowhere left to go. Nicole loved this beautiful chestnut mare in such a way that they shared a unique bond, a unique friendship.  She worked with her, accepting her as she was and earning the trust that Viva did not give easily.

Sadly, we had to say Goodbye to Viva. She had She had won our hearts, but her body could not keep up with her soul. We take comfort in our certainty that her spirit will be forever galloping through the fields that are Tomten's and know that a piece of her heart will forever be with Nicole.  Her Birthday Occasion Donation touches us beyond words. Thank you.

Nicole created a Birthday Fundraiser using Facebook.
Creating a Birthday Fundraiser is an easy way to instantly invite
all your friends to donate in your name with just one click.
More details here.

Evie Spread the Word via the USPS

When you mail your birthday party invitation to your friends and family expressing your wish that in lieu of gifts you would like them to contribute to Tomten farm and Sanctuary, they have all kinds of ways to donate.

  • They can send a check directly to Tomten. If you like, we can even give you some of our business cards to include with your invitations so they have all our info at their fingertips. It's a great way to introduce them to our website so they can see for themselves why you want to support Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.
  • Others may want to go on our website and click one of our "Donate" buttons which allow them to send funds via their PayPal account or credit card.
  • Another choice is to directly give the guest of honor cash or a check that she can forward to Tomten herself.

Thanks, Evie!

Add Your Occasion Donation Request to Wedding Invitations,
Birth Announcements, Housewarming Invites,
Retirement Receptions and More
Remember when "you've got mail!" meant getting
something in an envelope delivered to your house?
Adding your request for a contribution to Tomten Farm
and Sanctuary on your  custom printed invitations
like Evie did on hers makes us feel very special.

Addy Celebrated Her Birthday Right Here at the Farm

All birthdays are special, of course, but this one was REALLY special! Not only did Addy officially become a teenager, her party was the first birthday celebration ever to benefit Tomten Farm's Black Cat Inn. Rather than buying gifts for HER, Addy asked her friends and family to purchase something that was on her own wish list for kitties in need who will be staying at the Black Cat Inn awaiting adoption.

But wait, her wonderfulness did not stop there. During one of northern New England's coldest and snowiest winters, Addy picked up a manure fork and got to work. She toiled in the cold, picking pastures at her parents' farm after school and stashed her hard-earned "paychecks" away toward her donation goal of $300 that will help ALL the animals at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

Because we believe that unsolicited philanthropy, especially from kids and teenagers, is something to be honored, promoted and rewarded, we extended an invitation to Addy to host her party HERE on the farm with our animals, especially the kitties.  I think they had fun, don't you?

Thanks, Addy!

Would you like to have your birthday party
at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary?
Call the farm at 603-989-5800 or email us at

Surprise us. There does not need to be an occasion to do good.

I hope to be here tomorrow but if I am not.....

We are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by people who believe in helping us create a responsible, sustainable rescue and sanctuary. People who understand the costs go far beyond the today and the tomorrow but will continue for many years to come for just as many lives. It is quite possible that animals like Baby Braymore and Gideon Moo will be here an easy two decades more and, I sincerely hope I am here continuing to stand beside them. But, what if I am not?

Lucky for us, volunteers, Laney and Jack joined our journey less than two years ago and have embraced Tomten Farm and Sanctuary and our animals ever since. We are incredibly grateful to have them and appreciate their regular in person, hands on support, not to mention their compassion behind the scenes.

But, they don't just help us in the traditional way. They have bestowed upon us a unique gift, one that is rather remarkable! In fact, it is an umbrella of security, devoted 100% to sustainability. And one I had not anticipated. In case poor circumstance falls upon me, these generous volunteers have incurred the monthly cost of a 30 year, term life-insurance policy on me to benefit Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. Incredible, no?

Of course, I still hope and plan to be here for many years to come; but should suddenly I not, these cherished funds will help cover the animals as the Board puts other plans in place. I cannot tell you the peace of mind this brings and, although I so hope we never need it, I rest better knowing it is there. Such kindness will allow the Board to have the buffer they need as they take the next steps to providing peace, protection and possibility without my presence.

Thank you Jack and Laney, for your foresight, generosity and commitment to the rescues of Tomten and helping to ensure their today, tomorrow, and years to come. We so appreciate all that you do and think the impact this could make is beyond measure.

Responsible, sustainable, unbelievable!--

Interested in surprising us with a unique contribution?
We would love to speak with you. Call us at 603-989-5800
and let's see how you can make a difference today.

Remember, Celebrate, Congratulate, Honor for Many Years to Come

Would you like to be part of the peace, protection and possibility that our barn's in-and-outs will provide for years to come? If you answered, "YES," we would love to honor those who contribute to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary by placing a permanent 4" x 8" bronze plaque honoring a person, family, group or business on one of our barn's in-and-out fence rails.

What could be on your plaque? Well, that's up to you. It can be a memorial to a loved one who you know would have loved the farm. Or maybe a nod to your own beloved rescued pet of today or yesterday. It could even be your desire to inspire others with your favorite quote. Birthdays, anniversaries, engagement congrats, welcome new baby, your favorite Tomten animal's name, it's your choice. Your special plaque will be there for years to come and for all to see.

Together we are TF&S and together, one by one, life-by-life, we make a difference for animals in need.

See How to Leave Your Mark on Tomten's New Barn
With a Permanent Custom-Designed Bronze Plaque.


And thank you to everyone else who has chosen to celebrate their birthdays
(and other occasions) by helping us provide peace, protection,
and possibility to the animals of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.


Our Mission
We're an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.
Helping animals, helping humans and making dreams come true one life at a time through rescue, sanctuary, adoption and education.

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Did You Know...

Birthdays are just one occasion where you can suggest a donation to a nonprofit organization instead of gifts. More and more people are utilizing this form of giving for their weddings, anniversary parties, graduations and more. Know ahead of time, however, there will always be guests who will bring a traditional gift instead. Proper etiquette suggests you should graciously accept it. You can always list it on ebay and donate the proceeds to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

Not Just for Kids!
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Nana LaMancha was, as usual, a real party animal.
See more of her on Tomten Farm and Sanctuary's Instagram page.


Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.

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