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Will your employer match your contribution to a favorite 501(c)(3) non-profit organization like Tomten Farm and Sanctuary? If so, your $25 contribution could magically become $50! Even better, do they provide you the opportunity to annually direct a generous mini-grant to a nonprofit organization of your choice?

Off-site Corporate-Sponsored Volunteer Days are another company benefit that more and more businesses (and not just large ones like Amazon, Old Navy, American Express, etc.) are offering as a benefit to their employees. Imagine being able to spend a day volunteering in rural NH on a Tomten Farm and Sanctuary project and still being paid for the day as you would if you were sitting at your desk at work!! If your company hasn't jumped on board with this increasingly relevant benefit, show your HR Coordinator this article from Fortune Magazine about the many advantages businesses are realizing through Sponsored Volunteer Days.

We're grateful that Cindy B. (shown above), a Bose employee, and Ann S. and Kendall C., who both work at Harvard Pilgrim, used their company benefits to help Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

Ask! Suggest! It would be a shame if your employer offers these programs and you didn't know or take advantage of them. As a nonprofit with lots of projects, Tomten Farm and Sanctuary would welcome your help!

Cindy B. helps us support the cows in Tomten Farm and Sanctuary's Cow Initiative Program and so does her employer, Bose (yes, the Better Sound Through Research company that makes all that amazing audio equipment!). Here's just part of the email Cindy sent to let us know how she is helping. We couldn't have said it better. Thank you, Cindy and Bose.

Hi Jen,
Just wanted to let you know that I was able to participate in our 'Charity Choice' program here at Bose.

The company has a 2-week period every summer promoting this campaign that allows employees to donate to a nonprofit charity of their choice with a 100% matching contribution from Bose. So, I pledged to have them take a few dollars out of my paycheck, and donate to you, plus the matching contribution from the company.

I'm excited to have the chance to donate to you this way!  The weekly deduction makes it easier for me to do a larger amount than just one lump sum… and the company match is awesome!

Congratulations on your continued growth as a Sanctuary where rescued animals can be safe and happy!"

— Cindy B.

About the BOSE Charity Choices Campaign
Charity Choices is Bose's largest annual fundraising initiative, enabling Bose employees in the U.S. to support the certified charities of their choice through a one-time donation or payroll deduction, matched dollar-for-dollar by Bose. Employee giving has grown year over year, with employees supporting over 200 local and national charities.
Read more.

We are thrilled to announce that Tomten Farm and Sanctuary has once again been named as a recipient of two Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation Community Spirit  Grants.

We are grateful to Harvard Pilgrim employees, Ann S. and Kendall C. , for always  choosing Tomten as their non-profit of choice We would also like to convey our appreciation to Karen Voci, Executive Director of the Foundation and, of course, to Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. These generous grants will help support our mission of providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need. Helping animals, helping humans and making dreams come true one life at a time through rescue, sanctuary, adoption and education. For more information about this generous employee benefit,  please visit

About Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation Community Spirit Grants
To honor the lives of the Harvard Pilgrim members that were lost in the attacks on 9/11 at the World Trade Center, the Foundation provides all of their employees the opportunity to give $500 to their favorite charities. These contributions go to schools, art centers, animal shelters, food banks and countless other organizations.

In 2017, $593,250 was contributed to causes in more than 213 communities. Read More.

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We're an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.
Helping animals, helping humans and making dreams come true one life at a time through rescue, sanctuary, adoption and education.

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We love to feature companies that are do good…for nonprofit organizations, the community and their employees. If you would like to schedule a Company Sponsored Community Service/Volunteer Day at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, we'd love to chat with you. Simply call Jen at Tomten at (603)989-5800 or  send us an email.

Who Doesn't Love a Little PR??
Great PR can be yours when your business comes to Tomten for a Company Sponsored Volunteer Day. Our nearly 8,000 followers will be very impressed by your desire to do good works for nonprofits like Tomten.
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Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.

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