Explore the Basics of Natural Horsemanship,
A Different Approach from Traditional Handling

Whether you are new to horses, have ridden for years or have a well-loved pasture pony, learning the skills and philosophies of Natural Horsemanship can help you create a better relationship with your equine partner. It's an alternative approach that we guarantee will surprise you with some real "aha" moments and forever change the way you look at the human-horse bond.

Designed to help handlers begin to understand the horse's point of view ("think horse") and then communicate with them more effectively ("talk horse"), our on-site groundwork classes allow you to work with Tomten Farm and Sanctuary horses, several of whom have participated in Natural Horsemanship clinics and classes themselves.  Our sessions are designed with a strong emphasis on safety and fun, with easy-to-follow exercises that you can learn here and practice at home. You'll confidently embark on a path toward attaining the skills you need for long-term success with your own horse(s), your future first horse or, perhaps, a horse you work with in Tomten's People Project program.

We are happy to offer these affordable classes to introduce you to the tried-and-true methods of Natural Horsemanship. It's up to you to decide just how fast and how far you want to go.

Open to the general public, classes are only $35 for each 45-minute session. Equipment is provided.

Sound good? Call us at 603.989.5800 or email tomtenfarmandsanctuary@gmail.com.

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