2017 Quilt Fundraiser Going On NOW!!!!

Handcrafted, Oh-So-Warm, Beatrice Braymore-Approved!

Just $5 donation per ticket. Why stop at one when you can get FIVE chances to win for a $20 donation????  It's like getting an extra chance FREE! See our Current Fundraisers Page for more details.

Hurry, drawing is December 16th!!!!

It's Hoodie Season!

Make a Tax Deductible $100 Donation* and Get Yours Now!

Our Tomten screenprinted sweatshirts are sure to keep you warm and cozy while your $100 donation will help keep Tomten animals healthy all winter long.

Available in two eco-friendly styles crafted of 80% organic cotton/20% recycled polyester. Zip-front, drawstring with drawstring hood.  Ribbed cuffs and waist. Two handwarmer pockets.

Both Hoodies printed with "Tomten Farm and Sanctuary" on front left and your choice of back design/text.

Style and Color Choices

  • Choice  #1:
    Grey Hoodie. Tomten Magic Hoodie has farm dog Taela and tiny Tomten footprints in the snow on the back with the words Peace, Protection and Possibility below it.
  • Choice  #2:
    Black Hoodie. Talking in Their Sleep Hoodie with the dreamy sounds of all our animals and the following words below: Every Creature Deserves to Have Their Dreams Come True.


  • Men's and women's sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL.
    Note: Our wear-testers report a slightly smaller fit than typical athletic style sweatshirts with zero shrinkage through washer and dryer.

Your $100 donation for each Hoodie will help us provide hoof, vet and dental care in the cold weeks and months ahead.
*Note, tax-deductible IRS donation value for each Hoodie is $50.00

Be sure to give us your USPS delivery address, specify MEN'S or WOMEN's size and whether you want our grey "Tomten Magic" Hoodie or Black "Talking in Their Sleep" Hoodie in the "special instructions to the seller" section.

Limited supply so order soon to be sure you get your favorite. And thanks for helping us keep our animals healthy and happy.



Choice #1
Tomten Magic Hoodie

Choice #2
Talking in Their Sleep Hoodie


Two New England Rescue Groups, Four At-Risk Equines Saved

We have learned from this experience that, sometimes, flexibility is the key word. Especially when the saving a mother and her baby is at stake. It was not carefully planned weeks or months in advance, like most of our rescues.  It was not how we typically do things. Yet, somehow we knew it was right. (It was.) And I (Jen) did not make that decision alone. I consulted with and obtained unanimous Board approval and then it just happened. We leaped, throwing a net to catch two equines in need. We became very flexible, very quickly. We had to.

We stepped up for this beautiful paint mare and her three-month old filly. They were not at auction but they had nowhere to go and a tight deadline looming to get out of where they were. This rescue required teamwork. We stood tall and determined beside our Vermont friends at Dorset Equine Rescue who led the way. Dorset stepped up for another mare and her foal at the same location, helping all four of these beauties find safety as they faced an ominous situation that required a quick, yet safe solution. It truly was the kind of emergency situation that puts any horse at risk of landing in the wrong hands.

We would not be welcoming these two horses to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary without Dorset Equine Rescue, and we are proud to have worked together, to have gone above and beyond together to be certain these horses eventually end up in the right homes. I really think that is what Rescue is really about —Rescues helping Rescues, Rescues helping animals, Rescues helping people— all of us doing more to make Peace, Protection and Possibility a reality. To make dreams come true. And who is more deserving of that than a mother and daughter in trouble?

Both mother (Taabe) and daughter (Tindra), are available for adoption.

Announcing Private Farm Tours for Tomten 500 Club Donors
If you have already donated $500 or more to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary in 2017 (via several small donations, monthly donations or a one-time $500 or more donation), it would be our pleasure to give you a special gift of gratitude.

We are very excited to announce that, for a limited time, Tomten Farm and Sanctuary will be offering small "insider" private tours!!

That's right, just you, our animals, Jen (and maybe a dedicated Tomten Board member or two). OR if you are dying to introduce your friends, parents, grandchildren, (up to 7 more people), go ahead and invite them too! Private tour participants will get to meet our animals, hear their touching individual rescue stories and spend hands-on time getting to know them, all while enjoying the music of a donkey's bray, a pig's snort and a cow's moooooooooooo.

You'll spend your day seeing, hearing, touching, and immersing yourself in all that peace, protection and possibility is about. Created as an expression of gratitude for our much-appreciated donors, this unique offering will allow supporters to enjoy a memorable, intimate experience here on the farm.

We so appreciate your support, in fact, we couldn't be here without it and our entire animal community would like to extend our gratitude to those who helped (or would like to help), pave the way to dreams-come-true for animals in need.

If you have already donated $500 or more to Tomten in 2017 (via several small donations, monthly donations or one $500 donation) OR if you have been meaning to make a $500 donation, NOW would be the perfect time to do it! New donors can even chip in together to reach the donation goal! You'll not only qualify for a tax deduction, you'll get to enjoy a very special tour meeting the Facebook favorites you help support.

If you know us at all, you know we always want to make a visit Tomten available to everyone and greatly appreciate support of ALL kinds.

We will, of course, still open our gates to public Farm Tours several times during the year. However, farm life time constraints force us to be practical when scheduling small personalized private sessions like this one. Offering this experience as a much needed fundraiser and an opportunity to express gratitude for past donors is the only way we can make it feasible at this time.

Interested? Please email or private message me, Jen, at tomtenfarmandsanctuary@gmail.com with your phone number and the best time to call. I will reach out to schedule a tour that will fill your heart(s) and hopefully, forever change the way you look at the animals with whom we share this earth.

Note: Looking for a creative way to become a member of the Tomten 500 Club and attend a private tour?  Share a one-time tax deducible $500 donation among a group of friends or family and make your private Tomten Tour part of a fun day trip or weekend visit. Dartmouth College/Hanover NH, the quintessential Vermont town of Woodstock, a shopping trip to FarmWay/Vermont Gear in Bradford VT, King Arthur Bakery Café & Store and NH White Mountains are all within an hour or so drive from the farm.

More Moos News!!

Meet Greta GarMOO!

Formerly known as dairy cow #100, this Jersey girl has spent her entire life giving so we can enjoy milk, cheese, butter, ice cream and more. She has produced approximately 50,000 pounds of milk (translation, over 5500 gallons) and has been the mother of four babies, long ago removed from her side. (If males, they are by-products/casualties of the dairy industry and have already lost their lives. If girls, they become the next generation of milk producers that replace older cows like her*.) She has one last sacrifice in her (slaughtered to supply hamburger to restaurant chains), but we just couldn't let that happen. Greta is available for traditional Tomten adoption OR...

T A D ATomten Animal Dream Adoption

...our exciting new TADAdoption program where you can donate the costs for Greta to remain in lifetime sanctuary here at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

*Some female calves go to slaughter too. See below.

It's a Girl! Meet Our Newest Calf Rescue

Our newest rescue calf has arrived at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.
And she wouldn't be here (or alive) without you.

If you have followed our Cow Initiative, you know that all of our rescued baby calves have been boys, unneeded/unwanted byproducts of the dairy industry headed for slaughter.

So why a girl this time? And why isn't she being kept on her farm as a future producer?

Here is the sad truth. Because she was a twin to a bull calf, she is what is called a "freemartin."* Because she would be unable to reproduce, this girl will never produce the calves and milk that would make her worth keeping, she, like most bull calves, would have already gone to slaughter. Fortunately for her, one anonymous donor stepped up to fund the fencing balance of our new cow pasture and another donated toward her bail so once again we were able to step in and step up for an animal in need.  Available for adoption, you can read more about  "Audrey Heifer" here.

* A sexual abnormality found in cattle.

Barn Work Continues

As it turns out, when you build a barn you don't just build a barn!

There is site-work to be done, a septic system to be approved and put in the ground, utility companies to deal with and soooooooooooo much more. Just as we created Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, slowly, thoughtfully, steadily, so goes our barn construction. Follow updates here and, for up-to-the-minute progress reports, on the Tomten Farm and Sanctuary Facebook page.



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