Who's Who at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary?
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There is a community here on the farm, amazing friendships between the animals.
There are preferences and partnerships like the one seen here between Cinder Lou, Rastus and Abnerita.
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noun sanc•tu•ary \saŋ(k)-chə-wer-ē\
     : a place where someone or something is protected or given shelter
     : the protection that is provided by a safe place

While offering rescued animals for adoption may be in our future, our current animals are all in lifelong sanctuary here at the farm. Potential adoptions will not be considered until we are registered with the Dept. of Agricultural Resources. In the meantime, we encourage you to watch our Facebook page for news of auction rescue missions and consider fostering one of those animals.

Meet The Cats

Cinder Lou

Skaii Kitty

Black Kitty


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Meet The Chickens

Miss Mamie & Miss Emily

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Meet The Dogs

Jean Pierre
LaFleur (Bug)

the Potata

Farm Dog

Ruby Roo


Taela the Tulip


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Meet The Geese

Abnerita and
Elsa Savannah Cow Goose

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Meet The Goats

Remus the


the Fastest


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Meet The Horses



Mary Matilda

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Meet The Pigs

Diego Montoya

Mabel Consuela

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Meet The Rabbits

Phoebe and Cecelia

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Meet The Sheep

Fiona BAAAAgonia O'Hair

Timothy Sullivan O'Hair

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Did You Know...

All of our animals have a deep love and respect for one another and are oftentimes seen sharing the same space BY CHOICE and seemingly enjoying each other's company? Goats and horses have always been known to be simpatico, but it's not unusual to see barn cat Cinder asleep on Rastus the goat's back and find Abnerita goose preening in the goat stall!

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