Planned Giving

The future depends on what you do today.
                                                              ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Planned giving allows you leave a legacy of caring and compassion in the form of a bequest, a gift from you to Tomten. Should you desire, it's a way for you to ensure that your will or trust, while addressing other fiscal and estate planning concerns, includes your instructions to bequest a gift of cash, securities or other property to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, an approved 501(c)(3) organization. It's something you can do today to facilitate a final act of giving that will live on and on in the animals you help save and support.

Beyond sustaining and empowering Tomten Farm and Sanctuary's ability to provide more peace, protection and possibility for animals in need, there are other practical advantages of creating a bequest including:

  • A bequest costs nothing now (beyond normal estate planning legal fees), yet gives you the satisfaction of keeping your legacy and love for the Tomten animals living on.
  • Charitable bequests are flexible and easy to update. You can write one into a will with a short paragraph, and if circumstances change you can revoke it just as easily in a subsequent will or codicil.
  • Your gift can remain anonymous if you choose.
  • A gift to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary from your estate is tax-exempt.
  • You will be remembered as someone whose legacy included supporting the efforts of nonprofits dedicated to saving animals in need and and inspiring others with your example of kindness and generosity.

A bequest is just one way for you to include Tomten in your Planned Giving. Be sure to consult your own legal and tax advisor for assistance. Thank you for your consideration in this important decision.

Please be sure to notify us of your plans so we are able to properly thank you and your loved ones.


We are often humbled by many acts of kindness from the Tomten Farm and Sanctuary Community. It is those acts that empower us with the ability to do more and be more. We are ever appreciative for all gifts that help us to continue this journey for many years to come.

It is with a deep, deep humility and a great gratitude that we introduce you to the first supporters who have included Tomten in their Planned Giving plan.

Joanne and Dick have been actively involved in the activities of Tomten since Joanne first volunteering "Open Chore Days" (now called Down and Dirty Work Days) at our original Massachusetts farm.

Dick worked at a supermarket and he convinced them to recycle some of their still- good-but -not-quite-perfect produce by donating it to the animals of Tomten. As you can imagine, Joanne was the favorite volunteer on delivery day. She could barely get the hatch of her car open without goats, geese, chickens and, even dogs, jumping in to get first dibs.

When we relocated to New Hampshire, we feared we might not see Joanne, Dick or the animals' farm-to-supermarket-to Tomten contributions anymore. Yet despite the distance, they kept on coming. And gifting us with a monthly donation. And non-stop cheers and likes and shares on our Facebook page.  And now bequeathing a gift to Tomten and its animals.

It is an honor to have their continued and valued support and it is with overwhelming appreciation we thank them for the foresight and generosity of this gift. Thank you, Joanne and Dick, for embracing Tomten Farm and Sanctuary and for going above and beyond to help us help animals in need.

With their consent, we share their profile, with mutual hopes that it will inspire others to share the love today and plan to continue sharing it in the years ahead.

Our Mission
We're an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.
Helping animals, helping humans and making dreams come true one life at a time through rescue, sanctuary, adoption and education.

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Tomten Farm and Sanctuary has provisions in place to be sure that Tomten's good work continues on beyond the life of its founder. Have you made plans for your personal pets to be cared for when you are gone? Learn about your options here.

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Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need.

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