Auction Rescue Missions

As resources permit, we attend a horse or general livestock auction with the goal of rescuing an animal (or two) who would otherwise be headed to slaughter. In 2013, we rescued our sweet Shetland pony mare, Annabella, at auction. In 2014, we rescued our LaMancha goats, Nana and LaLa LaMancha, and later that year Pippilottaspotslongstocking, our sweet Appaloosa gelding. Over the last two years, we have added sheep, more goats, more horses, ducks, geese, chickens and donkeys to our list of auction saves. We will announce future Auction Rescue Missions here and on our Facebook page.

Annabella at auction

Nana and LaLa

Beatrice & Fig at auction


Fern leaving auction

The O'Hairs SAFE in quarantine:
Timothy Sullivan & Fiona Baaagonia


Pippilottaspotslongstocking at auction


Farm Tours

Several times a year, we open up Tomten Farm and Sanctuary to the general public.  Farm Tours offer the opportunity for people to spend up-close-and-personal time with horses, donkeys, pigs, goats, geese, cows, rabbits, chickens and more... friendly livestock who always enjoy the day as much as our visitors do. Learn about their histories, our mission, methods and philosophies as well our volunteer and educational opportunities, all while immersing yourself in fresh air and fun at our beautiful farm located in New Hampshire's beautiful White Mountains. Neigh, quack, baaaa, meow, woof, oink, honk, maaa, bray and of course, moooo! "Like" us on Facebook and hear about all our events.



Natural Animalmanship Lessons

You've probably heard of Natural Horsemanship. Sure, we do that. But in fairness to all the Tomten animals and to members of the Tomten family who may prefer to work with other animals, we offer "Natural Animalmanship." Gather knowledge and teach our animals simultaneously with natural horse-, cow-, goat-, donkey- or sheepmanship lessons. Who knows? You may even be interested in Natural Pigmanship classes! These groundwork classes are designed to help you begin to understand the animals' points of view and then communicate with them more effectively. Our animals love the individual attention and exposure while you gain new skill sets. If you've already joined us in the past for a farm tour, then you're eligible to come back for this…even if you're a beginner.

Private and semi-private sessions are available. Each in-depth educational session is 45 minutes of instruction on a mutually agreed upon topic that suits your level of understanding and comfort. You can sign up for one, two or even three lessons and make a complete day of it…leading, grooming and training. To make this affordable for all, tuition is a minimum donation to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary of only $35 each session. These unique lessons fill up quickly so watch this space and/or our Facebook page for announcements of future lessons.

Interested in getting involved but haven't yet visited our farm? Please note that special events like these are only for those who have already attended a Farm Tour. We announce those tour dates here and on Tomten Farm and Sanctuary's Facebook page.



Down and Dirty Work Days

If you have volunteered in the past or been on a Tomten Tour, you're "hired"! Our Work Days give you the opportunity to experience a real hands-on behind-the-scenes farm experience that will help provide peace, protection and possibility for the animals of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. Plan to break a sweat, make an impact and enjoy a rewarding day with a full day of like-minded people, friendly animals and a beautiful view.  Find advance notice of Work Days our Facebook page.



Read to an Animal Day

Sometimes it's nice to read by yourself, but imagine how much fun it would be to share your favorite book with the Tomten Farm and Sanctuary animal of your choice. That's when the real magic happens! So that our animals and their young reading partners have their own very special one-on-one event, we schedule half-hour appointments throughout a sunny summer afternoon.

Watch for this event on our Facebook page and sign up quickly so you don't miss out.



Senior Day

A little Tomten Farm and Sanctuary therapy does the heart and mind good. Research consistently shows that contact with animals can really help improve the outlook of people, particularly seniors. It works for us! Our pigs entertain, showing off as they sit like dogs for treats. Our goats gaze deeply into your eyes sharing your deepest thoughts. And our horses become your best friends forever for the price of a single carrot. Smiles always abound at this popular event. Watch for our next one on our Facebook page and sign up quickly so you don't miss out.



The People Project

Do you love Marilyn MOOnroe, Annabella Pony, Mabel Consuela and all the Tomten animals? Are you committed to improving their lives and yours? Do you volunteer for our Down and Dirty Workdays on a regular basis? Do you participate in Tomten's Natural Animalmanship Program? If you do and you would like to spend more time at the farm, then an opportunity may exist for you.

When we both feel you have the education and safe handling skills you need, you may be eligible to choose a project animal to work with a few days per week. Not only will you be here on the farm enjoying time with the animals, you will be giving them love, one-on-one attention and training them in the people skills they need to get ready for events like Senior Visitors or Kids' Reading Partner programs. These experiences are free. All we ask is that you make their day and yours a little brighter by doing a quick chore or two while you're here like checking waters, picking a turnout or feeding some hay. Together, we are Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.


Laima W. with her People Project Mary Matilda.


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