Meet The Rabbits

Phoebe and Cecilia
Also affectionately known as "Bunny Foo Foos"

These cute girls were living with quite a few baby bunnies needing homes. We tried our best to resist, but when we heard they were heading to the pet store we decided to bring these buns to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. We think they might be Black Otter Rex breed or Silver Martens, but it doesn't really matter. To us, they will always be our "Bunny Foo Foos."

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Did You Know...

For every rabbit bought from a pet store, a shelter rabbit dies.
For every rabbit adopted from a rescue group another can be saved.
If you are thinking of getting a rabbit as a pet, don't make it an impulse buy. Do  some research to be sure a rabbit is the right pet for you or your child and then contact a Rabbit Rescue like the
House Rabbit Network or your local animal shelter… you may get the pick of the litter and both live happily ever after.

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