Petunia, the Biggests of Piggests.
Her 800 lbs. of pure Red Duroc love graced our farm for eight years.



Sonia Begonia

Our beautiful Nubian doe.
Best friend of
Rastus the Fastest. Forever remembered of as the loving, polite, gentle and graceful goat that she was.




Best friend of Abnerita and Petunia.
Our many animated conversations with her convinced us that geese would always be part of the farm family.




The perfect dog.
Beautiful, brave, best friend to
Taela and dependable partner to me his whole life. An example of what a dog should be and what dogs can be. I will always remember his generosity, good nature, tolerance, work ethic and appreciation of even the smallest things.



Cinder Lou

I found Cinder Lou with her brother Skaii Kitty in their cozy cat bed in the hayloft. She had obviously passed in her sleep and look peaceful, stretched out the way she always lay with him, eyes closed. As is our tradition, I placed her outside on a straw bale, allowing every animal to see her body and have closure, versus wonder where she was and why she had disappeared. I think this is especially important with an animal's direct community—in this case, her closest friends, our senior goat Rastus,  goose Abnerita and our horse Sassie who would be immediately impacted by her loss. Cinder is buried here at our new farm.



Sturgeon Moon

The horse who inspired me many years ago...
who inspires me today to stay strong and to continue my mission, even on the days
when everything else seems to conspire against it and will me to quit.



Did You Know...

We animal lovers are all gluttons for punishment. Anyone who shares his or her life with pets—whether they curl up on your pillow or doze on a bed of shavings in the barn—lives with the reality that, unless your pet is a big parrot, we will most likely outlive him or her.  But still we do it. We rescue, we adopt, we invite strays into our homes and our hearts. For everyone who has loved and lost a beloved animal, we offer this Arabian proverb. While it was written for horses, if it brings you some comfort during your time of loss, we don't think anyone will mind if you substitute dog, cat, goat or even pet rat instead.

    The wind of heaven
    is that which blows
    between a horse's ears.
                   -- Arabian Proverb

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