Meet The Sheep

Fiona & Timothy O'Hair

Fiona BAAAAgonia O'Hair and Timothy Sullivan O'Hair (rescues)

"Baa Baa black sheep, have you any wool?
No sir, no sir, NO bags full!"

Huh? No wool? Nope, we won't be knitting any mittens from the wool of Fiona BAAAAgonia (with the white legs) or Timothy Sullivan O'Hair. But that's okay. Instead of fleece, these sheep's coats consist of hair so they never have to be sheared! Instead, they shed.

We rescued the O'Hair twins at a local livestock auction on St. Patrick's day, 2015 (thus their Irish names). They are both Katahdin Hair Sheep. Katahdins are classified as a "meat" breed, so we have no doubt that these two adorable little lambs were destined for slaughter and human consumption. Instead, they are now destined for a life of sanctuary and love—lots of it.

Initially a bit shy, these lambs now actively (and very vocally!) seek us out for attention thanks to all the socializing they received from volunteers Laima and Aileen W., their quarantine caretakers. With a clean bill of health, Fiona and Timothy are our first sheep to arrive at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, but definitely not our last!

IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING… why the lambs have yellow tags in their ears in some of these photos? The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires almost all sheep and lambs to have premise identification ear tags before leaving their farm of origin. The ear tags carry the owner's premise identification number on one side and a sequential number on the other side, which can be used for individual record-keeping. In addition to applying tags, producers are required to keep records for five years after the animals have been sold.

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Did You Know...

F♫ ♪ "The animals went in two by two, Hoorah! Hoorah!"♪ ♫  For comfort, happiness and a smoother transition for all of our animals we try to rescue in pairs. It's not always possible of course, but, ideally, we prefer to adopt two like species/breeds of opposite gender and similar age. The O'Hair lambs are a perfect example of when it all comes together perfectly.

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