Sadly, there is never enough room, time or funds to help every owner and every animal that reaches out to us; the depth of need is just too great.

Inquiries come our way every single day and unfortunately our hands are often tied, no matter how much our hearts long to help those who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances.  However, offering support to those in our community and catching animals before they find themselves in the wheeler/dealer pipeline, at auction or otherwise at risk, is as important to us as it is to the lives we may touch. We do all that we can and, thanks to people like you, we have been able to make a difference in the lives of humans and animals with local saves... like Taabe Summer Storm, Tindra Highstockings, Perci and Hwee. And we so hope that with your help there will be many more in the years to come.

Please know while we are always concerned for every animal who finds themselves at risk, our priority goes to those humans looking for assistance due to true need—in situations including, but not limited to, financial hardship, ill-health or loss.

We understand that there are many looking to re-home an animal and we do care deeply for those animals. But because we are forced to prioritize our resources, we also must ask owners to realize the following: We are an all volunteer, donor funded organization dedicated to those that cannot help themselves -  space, funding and time availability are always tight. We are not a retirement home for those who simply have gotten bored, are tired of the daily care or choosing to trade in and move up to a younger, sounder, better trained animal.

LouieThe unfortunate reality is we cannot always say yes—even to those in desperate conditions—and sometimes the wait list is just too long. But while we cannot always welcome an animal to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, we can always help by sharing them out via a courtesy post on our facebook page and an email to our followers. All we need is the appropriate information. It's true that this does not always secure placement; but in cases like "Louie" the potbelly pig in need, the share can occasionally find its way to someone who may be able to open their home. Exposure can be everything to a life in need.

Should you need to re-home an animal, here are our guidelines.

We ask that interested owners share photos of the animal in need, as well as a basic description including gender, age, breed, temperament, training, etc.  Should you have any history or veterinary information, please be sure to include that as well.  We will also need your preferred contact information that we may share with interested parties, and a note for our files that you are indeed the owner and intend to place specified animal without financial gain. We also require a copy of your photo id.

We love to offer whatever support we can to humans and animals in need; but we must admit, there is never a guarantee. Sharing an animal out is truly hit-or-miss, dependent upon who sees it. Some are more challenging than others. Tomten simply aids in that quest by asking those following us to share the post. Simultaneously, we encourage owners in need to share information with as many other organizations as possible, asking them to share as well for increased visibility.  Many hands can make a big difference.

Of course, while we understand the unexpected can sometimes happen, there is nothing better than being pro-active whenever possible, and we urge everyone to be sure they have a plan in place for today, tomorrow and years to come. Should we be able to help in any way, don't hesitate to reach out. And if you would like Tomten Farm and Sanctuary to be a part of your animal's life while helping others when you are gone, please see our Leave a Legacy Program below.

Leave a Legacy Program
Life is so very precious and we take protecting it very seriously. To that end, we encourage everyone to ask themselves what would happen if their animals outlived them?

It's a hard question and one we all should ask ourselves. Certainly it is made even harder if there are no family or friends willing or able to step up for the lives you love after you are gone. Taking over a lost loved one's cat or dog can be challenging enough, but what if you leave behind a sheep, a horse, a cow, or any other farm animal that your heirs may not have the experience, the means or the facility to provide proper care? The list of available people to help dwindles infinitely, and once loved lives sadly can become lost as advocates try their best to place them.

We don't pretend to have the answer for everyone; but after much thought and discussion we think we do have the answer for some, and it will let us help animals and people simultaneously. If you think your animals may be at risk should anything happen to you, our new Leave a Legacy Program might be just what you were hoping for. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing your animal will be protected, but another life or lives will receive the possibility of dreams come true as well.

Here is how it works. While this program is open for everyone, we hope you understand that we can only accept a limited number of interested parties. We can and will always help advocate for animals in need, and certainly will continue to step up for those in our local community whenever possible; but it is important to us that we do something for the humans already in our Tomten Community, too. Our Leave a Legacy Program is designed just for you.

It is these animals who will be guaranteed a future place at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary should they need it. It will be these people who will be able to leave their beloved pets behind knowing for certain that they will be embraced by the peace, protection and possibility that is TF&S. Approved in-need candidates with no other alternatives will designate a mutually agreed upon, pre -determined amount in their will, or take out an animal designated insurance policy with TF&S as the beneficiary. Total funds will cover the estimated lifetime care of your animal and then be multiplied by two to help another life in need, or purchase the fencing or shelter we need for your animal who will be joining us. We supply the day-to-day care and you supply the funding. Together we provide the peace, protection and possibility, practice responsible and sustainable rescue, and reach beyond ourselves. Not only does your animal receive the care he/she deserves, another animal(s) has the possibility to receive the gift of life and dreams come true as your funds go 100% to helping lives in need, both yours and perhaps another.

Interested parties should reach out to us to discuss. We hope you understand that spots are limited and inquiry does not guarantee acceptance as our very first responsibility is still to the health and well being of the animals already in our care and our long-term sustainability. Yet, doing all we can for you—the wonderful people who have joined us on this journey—and helping you with your beloved animals is absolutely next on the list. We would be honored  if you contact us if you would like your beloved pet to be considered for our Leave a Legacy Program . And if ours is not the right plan for you, please consider an alternate one that will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your pets will always be cared for according to your wishes.


Together we can make a difference in the lives of many, both humans and animals.
Together we are Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.


Jenifer Vickery, Founder
Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
P.O. Box 85
Haverhill, New Hampshire  03765


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