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As a nonprofit organization, we are required to have a Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of volunteers who are responsible for the overall management/governance of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary… legal and financial. And while there are no guidelines or rules to determine who can serve on a Board, our selection process includes, but is not limited to, choosing members with these strengths and qualities:

  • A strong commitment to our mission and our animals' rescue, health, safety, well being and, where appropriate, placement.
  • Independent thinking and a dedication to act in good faith and in the best interests of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, its donors/supporters and its animals.
  • A willingness to add value to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary through wise stewardship; informed, unbiased oversight and decision making in legal and financial matters; participation in fundraising, planning and executing events, volunteer recruitment and training.
  • A sense of delight and pride in promoting goodwill and acting as an ambassador for the entire organization of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.


Jenifer V., Founder and President
Farm/Sanctuary Operations, Principal Contact,
Facebook Writer/Photographer


Sarah H., Secretary
Foster Provider, Auction Advisor,
Adoption Coordinator


Laima W., Vice President
"Keeper of the Farm," Lead Volunteer,
Foster Provider, Lead Fundraiser


Heather P., Treasurer
Event Coordinator, Financial Director,
Hospitality Leader

Michele D., Board Member
Troubleshooter, Projects Supervisor,
Resource Sleuth, Instagram Coordinator



Tomten Herd Mates

Aileen W.
Farm Apprentice, Board Member in Training

Kate V.
Donkey Diva, Website Editor

Tomten Volunteers
Thank you to all of our volunteers past, present and future—
including our "volunteers emeritus" (a partial group shown in this photo op)
at our original farm in Massachusetts, whose hard work, camaraderie,
humor and dedication made Saturdays our favorite day of the week.


People/Businesses We Like to Support

B Barefoot Hoof Care
Jen Broughan, Farrier
Pike, New Hampshire

Recommended by Mary Matilda for stress-free manicures and pedicures.

Farm-Way/Vermont Gear
Bradford, Vermont 05033
Ask for John

Recommended by Tomten animals for grain and supplies and by Tomten humans for warm clothes and the coolest selection of socks and footwear.

Dodge Grain Co.
Salem, New Hampshire 03079
Ask for Kelly

Recommended by Nana LaMancha. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and, well, anytime in-between.

Wood Pond Veterinary Services
Dr. Andrew Krause, Dr. Erin Nelson,
Dr. Megan Foy
North Haverhill, New Hampshire 03774

Recommended by Tomten animals for medical care for a variety of vaccinations, illnesses and procedures. Note: the male animals advise trying to avoid the "procedures" whenever possible.

Joe Bramonte
Equine Dentist

Recommended by Jen for your horse, pony and/or donkey for routine prevention exams and treatment for problem/painful teeth, chewing issues, etc. Gentle, calm and patient, even our newly arrived auction rescues benefit from a drama-free exam and floating by Joe.

Kerri Mitton, DVM
Shirley, Massachusetts

Recommended by Jen. Our "Official Tomten Vet" for many years at our first farm. While, sadly, we are now too far away for a farm call, we highly recommend Dr. Mitton for preventative and emergency medical care for farm animals in Central MA and Southern NH. In addition to maintaining the good health of all the animals we have at Tomten, she also enjoys calling on her alpaca and llama patients!

Shed/Stall Wind-Blocker Strips
Ask for Eugene

Recommended by Niccolo´ Nubiano and friends to help take the BRRRRR out of New England winters.

Springfield Fence
North Springfield, Vermont
Ask for Steve or Janet

Recommended by Jen for a professional job of providing safety and containment of Tomten animals, large and small…even our burly 800 lb. Berkshire pigs!

Bonnie Bergeron, Real Estate Agent
Martha Diebold Properties
Lyme, New Hampshire

Recommended by Jen and all the grateful animals. Bonnie instantly understood what Tomten needed to grow, thrive and continue our mission of providing peace, protection and possibilities. She found us the perfect property and handled the entire transaction like the pro she is.


Horizon Structures
Atglen, Pennsylvania
Ask for Mike

Recommended by Tomten Farm and Sanctuary's horses, ponies, donkeys, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, geese, ducks, dogs and cows for personalized service and well-built, good looking, comfortable creature accommodations.


Chief Crushing and Excavation
South Ryegate, Vermont

Recommended by Jen who utilized this company during her barn construction. "They have gone above and beyond to do their part in getting our site-work done in preparation for construction of our new barn. They really know their business and are a true pleasure to do business with."

Circle B Barn Co.
Lancaster, MA

While living in Massachusetts, I had seen, ridden in and been impressed by several equine stables and indoor arenas that were designed and built by this company. I am trusting them to deliver the same craftsmanship and service for Tomten Farm and Sanctuary's new barn. Check back soon for my review upon completion.

MouseWorks Website Design & Hosting

Recommended by Jen. "I have depended on Jill and MouseWorks to create, design and maintain both my business website ( for over a decade and my Tomten Farm and Sanctuary website since we started our nonprofit organization. She can be counted on for her patience with our requests and fast, professional service that helps us get the word out to our clients and supporters."

Did You Know...


Barn swallows have always been beloved spring and summer residents at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, just as they were at the farm that Viktor Rydberg writes of in his poem, Tomten.

    "…Slowly he turns to the barnyard loft,
    His fortress, his home and rest,
    High in the mow, in the fragrant hay
    Near to the swallow's nest.
    The nest is empty, but in the spring
    When birds mid leaves and blossoms sing,
    And come with her tiny mate.
    Then will she talk of the journey tell.
    Twittering to all who hear it,…"

To read the full poem, go to our Legend of the Tomten page.

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