Something to Look Forward to…
A Visit to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary

We're all in this together!
Wherever you live, the Covid-19 epidemic has, unfortunately, changed the way you live.
And while we are in a small town in rural New Hampshire, we've had to adapt as well.
So in the interest of keeping you, your family and Tomten's Board members, volunteers and caretakers healthy,
we regret that we have suspended all public farm events until further notice.

But here's good news!
Until we reopen our gate, you can still keep up with everything that's going on
from the comfort of your home or office on Tomten's
Facebook and Instagram pages.


Hope to see you soon!

Public Tomten Farm and Sanctuary Tours (RSVP Only)

Whether you have been here before or have yet to join us, Tomten Tours are for you! We know you love animals, love Tomten and want to make an impact.  Perhaps you want to hear how you can make a difference or you are champing at the bit to return and see old friends, the Rescues that together we saved.  Maybe you wish to see our progress and find out what's in store as we continue striving to be more, do more and give more to animals in need.  Whatever the reason, you, and your friends and family are invited to join us at the farm. We can't wait to welcome you!

Our tours offer you a chance to get up close and personal with our Rescues, hear their histories, and if you are new to the journey, familiarize yourself with our mission, methods and philosophies. There's always plenty of time to have all your questions answered. This is a great chance to find out about our volunteer and educational opportunities as well, all while immersing yourself in the magic of our beautiful farm located right here in New Hampshire's beautiful White Mountains.

Here are the details:

Tour Dates and Signups  Check your email! Tour dates are always announced first to current Tomten supporters (those who have been contributors within the past 12 months). Tours are also announced on the Tomten Farm and Sanctuary facebook page and its "Events" section.

Plan to arrive at 12:15    Please note, our gate does not open until 12:15 as we are busy preparing.  Our walking tour begins promptly at 12:30. It typically takes 1 ˝ - 2 hours and we hope you'll stay a little longer to enjoy the view, peruse and perhaps purchase our TF&S swag and spend a little extra time getting to know the friendly people behind the scenes.

Tours are RSVP Only   As with any successful event, structure makes things go smoother, so there is always the necessary fine print. Head count is important and as always, Tomten tours are an RSVP only event. Should your plans change, please be sure to let us know so others may attend – tours spots go quickly and we hate to say no to an inquiring visitor, only to find there actually was room. Because it detracts from the experience of others, we regret that no early birds, late arrivals or unexpected drop-ins are allowed—no exceptions. Avoid disappointment. Check traffic and road conditions and plan your drive accordingly.

Current Tomten Supporters, those who have been contributors within the past 12 months, enjoy VIP status. As a VIP, you not only move to the front of the line and get advance notice of tour dates, enjoy free admittance to our public tours , and get to enjoy some extra time to visit your favorite animal with a Tomten Board member after the official tour ends. One-on-one time is the perfect way to end the day and we can't wait to give back to you on behalf of the animals who so appreciate your contributions as together we make their dreams come true.

Gates close at 3:15  so we can clean up and get started on evening chores in a timely fashion.

Admission   To offer peace, protection and possibility to even more animals and host you—our fabulous guests— we need the help and support of all who enjoy it. Join us, make a difference and be part of the journey. Together we make a difference for humans and animals alike and, to that end, we must request a nominal, non-refundable, tax-deductible contribution. Tour revenue is immediately directed toward supporting event costs (did you know that renting our Porta -Potty costs $1320 a year??!!). Should we generate any additional funds, 100% of those funds go toward providing for our Rescues.

Adults: $25 per person (for those who have not contributed in the past 12 months.)
Children: $10 per child
Current Tomten Supporters   FREE
(for those who have contributed within the past 12 months)

Important details Security and safety are important to the well being of all at TF&S and we take that seriously. We require appropriate footwear (no open-toe shoes), a signed release and a photo ID to enter our property from each individual.  Please print Tomten releases off the website review at your leisure, sign and bring both the form and your photo ID to the Tour. More details at right.

Bring great energy and any and all questions you have about us, the animals and our upcoming plans. Whether it's your first visit or you're a returning supporter, we can't wait to see you. We guarantee you will have a fun, fact filled and fulfilling afternoon!

Neigh ... Quack ... Baaaa ... Meow ... Woof ... Cluck
Oink ... Honk ... Maaa ... Bray ... Moooo

Private Farm Tours for Tomten Donors

When you make a one-time donation of $1500 or more to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, it will be our pleasure to give you a special "insider" farm tour.

Created as an expression of gratitude for our much-appreciated Tomten supporters, (we couldn't do what we do without you), this unique thank you gift is designed to give donors and their guests (up to a total of 15 people) a memorable, up-close-and-personal experience here on the farm.

Participants will join Tomten founder, Jen Vickery, on an interactive farm tour. You'll get to meet the animals who benefit from your support, hear their individual rescue stories and spend hands-on time getting to know them—all while enjoying the music of a Beatrice Poppins Braymore's bray, Diego Montoya's pig's snort and Marilyn MOOnroe's moooooooooooo.

You choose the guest list for this tour. Best friends, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, your book club...or maybe just you seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and discovering all the peace, protection and possibility that your tax -deductible donation has helped make possible for animals in need.

Sound good? Please call our dedicated phone line at (603) 989-5800. Leave your name and phone number. We will reach out to schedule a tour that will fill your heart(s) and, hopefully, forever change the way you look at the animals with whom we share this earth.

Pro Bono Tours for Those Who Do Good

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much
                                                                          ~ Helen Keller

How can one small 501(c)(3) nonprofit that's nestled in rural New Hampshire farmland possibly compete with the big nonprofits—many of whom have similar missions but may also have thousands more Facebook followers, larger properties, paid staff members and donors whose net worth might be in the top 1%?

Our simple answer is, we don't compete. We work together, to the benefit of all.

We look for creative ways to combine our efforts with those whom we like to think of as "partners in doing good."

And so, because education, networking, mentoring and helping animals, helping humans and making dreams come true one life at a time, are part of our mission, we regularly extend invitations to organizations that make this world a better place for all of us—people and animals— to come meet us and discover what Tomten Farm and Sanctuary is all about.

If there's a way we can help advance your group's mission, let's brainstorm. Call Jen at our dedicated phone line at (603 ) 989-5800. Leave your name, your org's name and mission and phone number and we'll get back to you.


Due to space restrictions and so we don't overwhelm our animals, a head count is important. As always, on-site events are RSVP only — we regret WE CANNOT ACCEPT Facebook clicks, "interested" or "going" as a formal response (even though we absolutely love to see your enthusiasm and informal responses!).

Please, Please, Please

Sign up on our Facebook Events page or call our dedicated Tomten phone line (603) 989-5800 if you'll be coming. (Please note: That line accepts voice but not text messages.) Be certain to let us know what event you will attend, your name and the names of others who will accompany you so we can get your entire party on our roster and pass along our physical address and directions if needed.


Tour Admission Contribution
As you can imagine, it is a costly venture to keep this farm afloat and we can't operate it, continue to grow or open Tomten Farm and Sanctuary's gates to you without your financial support.

Adults: $25 per person (for those who have not contributed in the past 12 months.)
Children: $10 per child
Current Tomten Supporters   FREE
(for those who have contributed within the past 12 months)

Should Your Plans Change
Please be considerate and let us know so others may attend. Tours and other events often fill quickly and we would hate to say no to an inquiring visitor only to find there was actually room due to no-shows who failed to notify us. We regret that no early birds, late arrivals or unexpected drop-ins are allowed as it detracts from the experience of others. Admission contributions are non-refundable.

Dates are subject to change dependent upon weather and unexpected circumstances. If a tour is canceled, you will receive an email and your may choose one of two options: Designate your reservation payment as a tax -deductible donation OR apply it toward a future tour.

Security and Safety
Both are important to the well being of all at TF&S. Please understand that with children, animals and strangers at our personal residence, experience has taught us that establishing and enforcing clear farm rules is essential.

We require a signed release and a photo ID from every attendee who enters our property. Rules apply to all,  no exceptions, no refunds for arriving unprepared. We love children but please be aware that Tomten Farm and Sanctuary is not a petting zoo; it is an educationally focused working farm. We ask that you honestly evaluate whether your children have the patience to quietly appreciate all the information being presented on a 1 ˝ to 2 hr. walking tour and whether you can adequately supervise them without adding stress to your day. Please keep them with you throughout the event. Independent exploration of anywhere on the property by children and adults is not allowed. Out of concern for your safety and the safety of our animals, please do not enter or cut through fenced pastures. Please, no dogs allowed. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property and while we respect your right to own them, we ask that you leave firearms at home or appropriately secured in your vehicle.

Please print Tomten release forms for each person who will be attending; read at your leisure, sign, and bring with you to the event. Your signed release form is good for one calendar year. If it is outdated, you will be asked to complete a new one.

Neigh, quack, baaaa, meow, woof, cluck,
oink, honk, maaa, bray, moooo!
See you soon!

Before you Come, You Should Know
that Tomten is a Working Farm
& Sanctuary Farm

Bathroom Facilities
Are Plain and Simple
We are pleased to offer you an authentic farm experience: our outdoor unisex Porta-Potty. We pride ourselves on its frequent pump-outs, reliable supply of toilet paper and a unique decorating style.

The Farm Environment
is Not a Walk in the Park
As with most New England farms, you may encounter rocks, divots, dips, slight inclines/declines, mud, dust, insects, cow flaps (otherwise known as manure), briars, branches, and animals who shed, drool, lick, snort, sneeze and love-nip you with delightful abandonment. It is possible you could get a splinter from our fence rails, trip over a chipmunk, get bitten by a deer fly, or realize later that you have brought home a teeny tiny tick (or two)—which is why we advise natural bug repellent application and thoroughly checking yourselves and your children after visiting during spring, summer and warm fall days.

Maximize the Fun…
Make it a Weekend Getaway
There are events and accommodations that meet everyone's taste and budget in New Hampshire and nearby Vermont, all within an hour or so of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. Shop and dine at nationally known King Arthur Flour Store AND CAFÉ (think yum!!). It's right off Route 91. Shop 'til you drop at FarmWay/Vermont Gear (we love their footwear and socks department but you'll also find all kinds of gear, jewelry, gifts, etc.) It's right over the CT River in Bradford Vermont. Closed Sundays.  If you want to add an overnight to the fun, choose from quaint B & B's to larger hotel chains to luxurious country inns. Check for real guests' reviews or these Chamber of Commerce links (Note: If you do a Google search, be sure your search results are for Haverhill NEW HAMPSHIRE area, not Haverhill Massachusetts).

Great food can be had at
Peyton Place Restaurant in Orford, NH.  Dartmouth College/Hanover NH, the quintessential Vermont town of Woodstock, the Vermont Institute of Natural Science just minutes from Woodstock in Quechee, VT, a shopping trip to FarmWay/Vermont Gearr in Bradford VT, King Arthur Bakery Café & Store and NH White Mountains are all within an hour or so drive from the farm.

Note: Tomten does not receive any financial benefit from businesses listed above. We highly recommend reading TripAdvisor's independent reviews of accommodations.

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Figaro Brayburn Can't Wait To Meet You!

Did You Know...

Come to a tour! See for yourself why we're so proud of our Platinum Seal of Transparency rating on GuideStar®, the pioneer in gathering, organizing and distributing information about U.S. nonprofits. GuideStar® lets potential donors explore the financials, missions and more of over 23,000 Animal Protection, Welfare and Services, including Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. It revolutionizes philanthropy by quickly and easily providing information that advances transparency, enabling users to make better decisions and encourages charitable giving.

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Lifetime memories created here!

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