One can always wish and while we dream of having our very own farm tractor and a pickup truck with trailer-hauling horsepower,  most of our needs are quite simple. Our practical wish list is comprised of a few basics that will help us provide for our animals every day,  Below are our current picks that can help us make dreams come true.

Shires Greedy Feeder Slow Feed Hay Nets

Do you know what we love and use more than any other product? Quality hay nets. And we need lots of them!

Our favorites? The LARGE Greedy Feeders with small enough holes that the goats and sheep could never get a foot caught (seen in photo with goats) and the DELUXE Greedy Feeders with large enough holes that even our cows can grab a mouthful (seen here filled and ready to go out to Marilyn MOOnroe and her friends).

These amazing hay bags hang in every Tomten shed and stall ensuring that each animal always has free-choice access but preventing even our biggest foodies from ever overeating. While they take some time to fill, these nets keep our equines, sheep, goats and even our cows stimulated, safe and happy. The reduced waste, the safe, non-stop availability for our animals and the peace of mind they give us is amazing . We can't imagine running the farm without them and can easily have more than 100 Bags (!) in use any given day. But, even with all those, come winter, we would really love to have another 100 pre-stuffed bags on deck to keep up with our animals' increased demands during New England's finger-numbing ice, snow and blizzard season.

Lucky for us, these bags are available locally so we have the opportunity to support a small business. There is no better place to purchase than Shires Equestrian in Epping, NH. This fabulous company provides a quality product and Korie always goes above and beyond for Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. Friendly, knowledgeable and professional, we cannot speak highly enough of the company and this favorite farm product. We thankfully welcome each bag.

LARGE Shires Greedy Feeder Slow Feed Hay Nets – Color: Black
DELUXE Shires Greedy Feeder Slow Feed Hay Nets – Color: Any Color

Call Korie at Shires Equestrian
Epping, NH

Horsemen's Pride Black  18 Quart (14") Feed Tubs (Black)

Not only do we hang these durable grain buckets in our barn and inside each of our turnouts, they're also essential for feeding, supplementing and providing warm mash on below zero days. With more than 40 large farm animals (horses, ponies, donkeys, pigs, cows, sheep and goats) rotating through three different turnouts plus 16 barn stalls, we hope for more than a bucketful of these everyday necessities! While we use both sizes, we could really use a bunch of this standard size. We can tell you from years of experience, that this brand stands up to New England Winter temperatures like no other. In fact, we have yet to had to replace a single bucket! Black is our color so we can match those we already have in use.

18 Quart Feed Tubs— Color: Black
Available from Big D 
Click Here to Order

Horseman's Pride Black 18 Quart (14") Feed Saver Rings (Black)

These handy rings keep grain where it should be, in the buckets. The more playful the horse, the more grain can end up on the ground. These great add-ons prevent spillage ensuring no one ingests sand or dirt searching for the grain that spilled. Safer for our animals and less waste which means less expense.

Feed Saver Ring For Standard 14" Feed Tub—Color: Black
Available from Big D 
Click Here to Order

Horsemen's Pride 20-Qt Flat-Back Rolled Lip Water Buckets (Black)

Another tried and true favorite. We have never seen one crack even when full of ice and dropped on the frozen ground. Now that's durability! Made by the same company as our grain buckets, these flat-backed and extra deep buckets safely hang in every stall. We like to have TWO in each so every animal can be guaranteed clean, accessible water at all times. We are again hoping to stick with black so they match the few we already have.

20-Qt Flat-Back Water Buckets—Color: Black
Available from Big D 
Click Here to Order

Everbilt Stainless Steel 7/16" x 4 " Spring Link Carabiner Clips

When German climber Otto Herzog invented the first carabiner on the eve of World War I, little did he know just how handy these climber clips would be for everyone else in the world. We haven't tried rappelling down from the hayloft yet but we use them for everything from hanging  grain buckets, water buckets and hay bags to locking the chicken coops.

Size: 7/16" x 4 "
540 lb. Working Load Limit
Available from Home Depot 
Click Here to Order
Note: this is a link to Home Depot but we always encourage you to shop small if you can find the same specs that we require.


Don't forget to sign up for AmazonSmile and name Tomten Farm and Sanctuary as your charity of choice, The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of your entire purchase (and any other purchases you choose to designate) to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. Thank you!

And, if you would like more shopping choices, be sure to check out our AmazonSmile Charity List.* There are always rotating add-ons that we find we need from day-to-day that you may find here:

Because Amazon does not always enclose gift messages, you may want to include YOUR name in the address so we are sure we know it came from  YOU.  Example below:

    Tomten Farm and Sanctuary,
    c/o (your name here)
    929 Court Street
    Haverhill, NH 03765

You can also send us an email or private message on Facebook to alert us as to what you are sending or have sent. We really appreciate your donations and want to be sure you receive acknowledgment that they arrived safely  AND of our gratitude.

*Please note: Naturally, if you can find the same items and prefer to purchase them from your own local farm supply store, please do! We love supporting small businesses, too.

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