Summer / "Barnwarming" Wish List

Our new barn is nearly finished and we thought it would be fun to mix things up and add some "Barnwarming" necessities to our everyday list of essentials. A bit different from a traditional housewarming (you won't find any $400 Copper KitchenAid Mixers or $600 Nespresso Lattissima Machines on Tomten's "Barnwarming" wish list), Tomten's needs are simple. Plastic grain and water buckets, for example, would be fabulous! Our color scheme is black. We're not "registered" anywhere but we have included some sourcing tips, including signing up for AmazonSmile to ensure that, in addition to your gift,
AmazonSmile donates 0.5% to our animals as well.

GreenGuard Grazing Muzzles
We do not want to body shame our horses, ponies and donkeys but, honestly, some of them are what we call "enthusiastic eaters." A healthy appetite is good but over-indulging in tender, sweet pasture grass can cause real health and hoof problems—especially for ponies like our sweet rescued Shetland,
Annabella. We prefer not to deny our horses and donkeys pasture time and have found these Grazing Muzzles let them graze with their friends, but limit their grass intake to acceptable levels. They come in sizes Horse, Pony and Small Pony/Mini and would appreciate any size. No need to buy the halter.

GreenGuard Grazing Muzzles Available from GreenGuard   CLICK HERE

All animals loves warm, dry, thick bedding—our horses, goats, pigs, sheep, donkeys, cows, rabbits, even our feathered friends. Want to know how much we will be using this year? We start with 4 bags per stall and then a minimum of an additional one or two bags per week per stall. If you add that up, we are looking at a minimum of 1000 bags per year and that's without our shelters. Order from our friends at Dodge Grain (ask for Kelly or Judy) and Dodge will bring them up with our Hay Delivery or one of our MA supporters can stop and pick them up on their way to volunteer.

Please Order From Dodge Grain — 603-893-3739

Black Shires Greedy Feeder Slow Feed Hay Nets
We're trying to get our barn prepped this summer so everyone can move in before the first snow flies. The barn's construction is entirely funded by our founder (not Tomten funds); but Tomten Farm and Sanctuary needs your help purchasing grain and water buckets, salt blocks, hay nets, etc. Your contribution of Slow Feed Hay Net makes a pretty big impact on the amount of hay we buy by reducing waste.

We could really use a bunch of LARGE SIZE BLACK Shires Greedy Feeder Hay Nets. How many, you ask? A few new ones for our run-in shelters and then, of course, two per stall... so let's say around 35. Every single one helps us feed a horse, a cow, a donkey, a goat, a pony or a sheep all night long.

Black Shires Greedy Feeder Slow Feed Hay Nets are Available from Chick Saddlery   CLICK HERE

Black Himalayan Salt Licks
If we had our way, there would be one hanging in every shed and in every stall in our new barn. Black salt is a natural product that supports a balanced digestion, helps maintain healthy eyesight, supports healthy skin and is a natural source of sodium chloride, iron, copper & magnesium. Produced by combining Pink Himalayan Rock Salt with herbs and spices, it is heated to more than 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, and then mixed with various spices including the seed of the Black Myrobalan tree (harad), which lends a sulphurous flavor to the salt and darkens its color. [Fun fact: Black Salt is used extensively in traditional Indian cuisine bringing its distinctive flavor to appetizers, marinades, chutneys, yogurts, pickles and salads, adding a distinctive smoky taste to food.]  Our animals can't get enough of these, especially in the summer.

Black Himalayan Salt Licks are available from the Healing Barn/ Hilton Herbs   CLICK HERE

Horsemen's Pride Black Grain Buckets
Not only do we use these grain buckets inside our turnouts, they are essentials for the prep of our new barn. With 14 equines, four cows and 11 sheep and goats moving around in three different turnouts plus 16 barn stalls, we need more than a bucketful! Your choice of size; we use both and this is our favorite brand. BLACK is our color so they all match the few we already have. Plus these last forever so once we have them all, we won't need any new ones for a very long time.

Black Grain Buckets   Available from Big D   CLICK HERE

Horsemen's Pride 20-Qt Flat-Back Water Buckets (Black)
Tried and true favorites. We have never even seen one crack even when full of ice and dropped on the ground. Now that's durability! We are hoping to stick with black so they match the few we already have. Every stall will have two (to ensure there is always plenty of water all the time), so before the new barn is ready for occupancy, we need to hang and fill 32 buckets.

20-Qt Flat-Back Black Water Buckets   Available from Big D   CLICK HERE

Spring/Summer Insect Control
Here's the buzz: Contrary to the lyrics of "Summertime," that popular Ella Fitzgerald song, the living is NOT easy for farm animals when it's bug season. Our animals (particularly the horses and cows) are constantly pestered. No-see-ums to horseflies, stable flies, horn flies, deer flies and face flies, yep, we have them all. Not to mention mosquitoes, which transmit Eastern Encephalitis, including West Nile Virus. Those pesky critters are pros at disrupting the peace, protection and possibility that we work so hard to provide.

When we see our horses swishing their tails and stomping their feet, we know it's time to reapply the fly spray—again. There has to be a better solution, right? ShooTAG thinks they may have found it so we're game to give it a try this summer. ShooTAGS are 100% safe, non-toxic, waterproof, chemical-and poison-free tags that can be braided into manes and/or tails and could work for up to 4 months. Advertised as being "greenest solution out there," we are really hoping they help us help bring our horses some welcome relief.

Please be sure to order the Horse Insect Control-Fly & Mosquito ones. They are available from the Healing Barn/ Hilton Herbs   CLICK HERE


Products from Here Down are All Available at AmazonSmile.

Sign Up Here

Why do recommend ordering these items from Amazon? We do it because when you sign up for AmazonSmile and name Tomten Farm and Sanctuary as your charity of choice, The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of your entire purchase to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. Thank you! Please note: Naturally, if you can find the same items and prefer to purchase them from your own local farm supply store, please do! We love supporting small businesses, too.

Fly Spray
Your choice: any size, any brand. Just search "Fly Spray" on AmazonSmile. In fact, if we receive several brands, it will allow us to see if one works significantly better than another. Then next summer, we can stock up on the winning brand. So far, we honestly haven't noticed a dramatic difference among them, but it will make for an interesting experiment. Our cows go through a bottle a week in the summer! (Equine Fly Spray is ok for them, too.) 

Itch Fighter Brooms
Speaking of biting flies and mosquitoes, perhaps you would like to contribute with a donation provides some itch relief. How about considering this "broom"? A broom without a handle, that is. We are hoping to strategically hang these on the inside of fence posts in our pastures and turnouts so all the animals have scratching opportunities. Can't you just see all the animals now? Ahhhhhh, we bet it will feel great!

Carlisle 3621912400 Hardwood Block Garage Sweep, 24" Block Size, 4" Bristle Trim   CLICK HERE

Fairy Lights
With its resident Tomten keeping watch over the farm and our animals, Tomten Farm and Sanctuary is already a magical place. Our solar lights help the Tomten, our volunteers and the animals safely navigate their way from pasture to pasture to run-in-shed to chicken coop to rabbit hutches. And soon to our new barn! We think these Fairy Lights will add even more enchantment when we start offering our Twilight Farm Tours, too.

Binval Solar String Lights   CLICK HERE


Many times it is difficult to determine how companies will ship your order, USPS, or Fed-Ex or UPS.  We try to cover all the bases and so include both our post office box and our street address so we will be sure to always receive the items you have so generously sent. Please use this full address:

    Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
    P.O. Box 85
    929 Court St.
    Haverhill, New Hampshire 03765

Important: Sometimes packages arrive without any indication as to who has sent them to us. Please send us an email or private message on Facebook to alert us as to what you are sending or have sent. We really appreciate your donations and want to be sure you receive acknowledgment of its receipt AND our gratitude.

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