Welcome to
Tomten Farm and Sanctuary

Thank you for joining our journey. We provide peace, protection, and possibility to animals in need. Helping animals, helping humans, and creating happily-ever-afters one life at a time through rescue, sanctuary, education, and occasional adoption.

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Our Rescues

Meet our more than 50 rescues include horses, goats, cows, sheep, pigs, donkeys, mules, cats and fowl. All arrive with their own unique story, each saved from what would have been a terrible fate.



Thanks to people like you we have already touched the lives of over 100 animals in need. Your contribution provides peace, protection, possibility, and daily care to more than 50 rescues.

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Come join us at the farm! While we cannot welcome drop-in visitors at the farm, we can and do open our gates regularly for special events and educational opportunities.

Who We Are

Founded January 1st, 2014, our 75+ acre farm is located in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. It is there that, together with compassionate people like you, we create a lifelong home for the animals who need us. Every animal deserves to live a life of dreams-come-true and our sustainable, responsible approach focuses on giving each Rescue just that for the rest of his/her days.

Our more than 50 Rescues include horses, goats, cows, sheep, pigs, donkeys, mules, cats and fowl. All arrive with their own unique story, each saved from what would have been a terrible fate, each an important ambassador for others like them. Need is everywhere. Need is constant. And, need is great. It is our hope that Tomten Farm and Sanctuary's Rescues educate, touch and inspire all who meet them.

We invite you to join us on this magical journey and discover the joys that come from giving the gift of life. Your contribution makes a critical difference and we would be honored if you would consider making a donation today. Together we are Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, and together we make the impossible possible.


Our Name

You may be wondering just what a Tomten is and why we named our organization "Tomten Farm and Sanctuary." We're happy to share this magical story of peace, protection and possibility and introduce you to the animal-friendly mythical character that inspired us.

If you are Scandinavian descent, you may have grown up hearing this story!


The Magic of Tomten

"...there is, it seems to us, something magic about this place. Whenever I go to visit a farm, I know I am visiting a place that has an owner of the land, the animals, the plants, and those huge machines by which all this is managed. When I go to Tomten, my immediate sense is that this isn't true: no person owns it -- not Jen, not the Board, not even the contributors --the animals do. It is their home, their place, in a way other farms have never been and could never be for them. We are there thanks to their hospitality -- you feel that -- and they ask only that you recognize this truth." — Jack Sammons

Together We Are Tomten

We exist thanks to the generosity of those who join us. If you believe that every animal deserves a dream-come-true, we ask that you consider giving the gift of a one-time contribution, writing a review of our sanctuary, or becoming a sustainable partner. Your kindness and efforts matter to every life here as we make the impossible possible for those in need. Thank you for being part of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.