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Thank you for your interest in helping us provide peace, protection and possibility for animals in need. We would love to connect with you…and our Rescues would too!




Tomten Farm and Sanctuary,
P.O. Box 85,
Haverhill, New Hampshire 03765


Thank you in advance for joining our journey

Your patience is appreciated while we're busy making sure our rescue and sanctuary animals enjoy a life of dreams come true.

We look forward to connecting with you as soon as we can.

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Together We Are Tomten

We exist thanks to the generosity of those who join us. If you believe that every animal deserves a dream-come-true, we ask that you consider giving the gift of a one-time contribution, writing a review of our sanctuary, or becoming a sustainable partner. Your kindness and efforts matter to every life here as we make the impossible possible for those in need. Thank you for being part of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.