About Us

At Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, we are here for the animals.
It truly is that simple.


Peace, Protection, and Possibility

Everything we do is about providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need. Every single day our focus is on being more, doing more and giving more to create their happily-ever-after. Every animal deserves to have their dreams come true and it is our hope that here at Tomten each life is embraced in that reality.

Tomten Farm and Sanctuary is...

  • a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit
  • founded January 1st, 2014
  • located in Haverhill, NH, beside the beautiful White Mountains
  • dedicated to providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need

We are...

  • almost 100% volunteer staffed
  • 100% donor funded
  • an animal welfare organization that advocates for animals in need
  • promoters of living cruelty free
  • the GreatNonProfits top-rated animal nonprofit in New Hampshire
  • honored by your presence on this journey

We are not...

  • an animal rights organization
  • activists
  • a petting zoo
  • ever going to share or sell your contact information to anyone

We Have...

  • built Tomten from the ground up with no benefactor or previously existing infrastructure
  • a one, three and five-year plan
  • a GuideStar platinum rating
  • a growing emergency fund generated by a small portion of every general (undesignated) donation
  • a succession plan
  • a volunteer education program
  • public tours throughout the year
  • a rotating logo to encompass all lives
  • touched the lives of over 100 animals in need
  • touched the lives of more than 16,000 people

It Currently Takes...

  • more than 6,500 volunteer hours per year to run this farm
  • $299,000 per year, or $819.17 a day, to support it

We Have...

  • 11 rescued equines
  • 9 rescued donkeys
  • 1 rescued mule
  • 5 rescued cows
  • 4 rescued pigs
  • 7 rescued sheep
  • 5 rescued goats
  • 7 rescued cats
  • 3 rescued rabbits
  • almost two dozen fowl
Goats looking through a fence

At Tomten Every...

  • animal has a different story and comes from a different situation such as an auction, a cruelty case, an owner surrender, another organization etc.
  • board member is an active and integral part of Tomten and not only volunteers but also regularly donates
  • single donated dollar goes 100% into providing lifetime care
  • animal that is not a Tomten rescue but resides on the farm (there are three owned by our founder before Tomten began) is privately funded by Jen
Pink Flowers

We Believe...

  • in 100% transparency
  • in education and raising awareness
  • in embracing a plant-based lifestyle
  • in inclusivity not exclusivity
  • that is does not have to be "us against them"
  • the animals come first
  • collaboration and support of other organizations is paramount
  • that every animal deserves a dream-come-true
  • that each individual is on their own journey
  • kindness is the answer
  • together we are Tomten Farm and Sanctuary
  • we can make the impossible possible
  • we could not do this without you

Thank you for being on our journey!

Logo - Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, Haverhill, NH

Together We Are Tomten

We exist thanks to the generosity of those who join us. If you believe that every animal deserves a dream-come-true, we ask that you consider giving the gift of a one-time contribution, writing a review of our sanctuary, or becoming a sustainable partner. Your kindness and efforts matter to every life here as we make the impossible possible for those in need. Thank you for being part of Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.