Together we are Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. Every life here appreciates your presence on this journey and your appreciation for compassionate support.

Your Contribution Saves Lives

It is thanks to people like you that we have already touched the lives of over 100 animals in need. We currently provide peace, protection, possibility and daily care to more than 50 rescues. Day and night, 365 days a year, in rain, snow, or sunshine, they know they can count on us…and you! This miracle couldn’t happen without your help and we sincerely appreciate your support of all kinds, and in any amount. No donation is too small. Every single gift and every contribution matters!

Here are six easy ways you can make a difference for lives in need.

Become a Sustainable Partner

Your recurring, monthly donation will make every day feel like a holiday for our Rescues.

We can always count on two things here at Tomten: Every Rescue will need grain, hay, shavings, supplements and more, every day, every month and every year that we are lucky enough to wrap each life in our embrace. Bills for all that and more (like veterinary, dental and hoof care) will arrive every month like clockwork and, one way or another, must be paid. As a Sustainable Partners you can help give us peace of mind with monthly contributions we can count on to provide impeccable care. So, in addition to putting food on the table (or, more specifically in the animals' grain buckets), it is a promise from you to every life here that their dreams will continue to come true.

Donating every month is easy and convenient. A few clicks and you're done! Your tax-deductible donation will arrive in the Tomten Farm and Sanctuary account automatically and go right to work making a difference.

Four photo collage: sheep, donkey, pig, cow
Four photo collage: donkey, goat, hay bales on a truck, and a horse

Contribute to our general fund with a one-time donation

While we would love it if everyone could be a Sustainable Partner, you don't need to become one to make a difference.  Every single contribution matters and one-time gifts of any size are a very big part of helping us become all we can be. Whether you contribute to a particular campaign or surprise us with a gift to the general fund, every penny goes to welcoming new Rescues  and making their dreams come true, caring for those already here and helping us grow so we can do more, be more and give more to lives in need.

Four photo collage: feed bags and hay bales
Four photo collage: staff working with the horses

Write a review and share Tomten Farm and Sanctuary with the world

A way to support our animals without spending a dime! A few simple clicks make all the difference. Simply go to Great NonProfits  or our Facebook page  and let everyone know why you are on Team Tomten. Maybe even take your enthusiasm for all things Tomten one step further, copy your review and post it in BOTH places? While it may take a bit of your time to write, creating a review is free and it's an important contribution. Each review lets the world know you stand beside us making a difference in the lives of animals and humans.  The more reviews we receive, the more exposure Tomten gets and quite simply that translates to more people on our journey and more animals receiving life saving and life changing support.


Bequest and make Tomten part of your planned giving and legacy

Planned giving allows you to leave a legacy of caring and compassion in the form of a bequest, a gift from you to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary. Should you desire, it's a way for you to ensure that your will or trust, while addressing other fiscal and estate planning concerns, includes your instructions to bequest a gift of cash, securities or other property to Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, an approved 501(c)(3) organization. Your acts today to facilitate a final act of giving will live on and on in the animals you help save and support tomorrow.

Spread the word through a few "shares" and "likes."

Sharing really is caring. Forwarding your favorite emails, sharing our facebook posts, liking and commenting on facebook and instagram, it all matters. Every click increases our reach as little-by-little we become all that we are meant to be. It's free, it's fast and it's a fabulous way to make a difference every day you choose.

No matter how you contribute, it matters. All of us, humans and animals alike, thank you for your consideration, compassion and support as together we continue to move Tomten Farm and Sanctuary forward and provide peace, protection and possibility to more animals in need.