Rooville is open for Rescues

Now Open! We have officially opened and would like to welcome you to the newest area at Tomten, “Rooville,” a Gentlemen Only Community!

This spacious in-and-out area boasts a roomy indoor coop, a large covered highly predator-discouraging yard, multiple perches, fun trapeze swings and temporary quarters for safe introductions of new additions. Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Roosters are one of the unluckiest farm animals out there. But here at Tomten, we’re about to change that for a dozen (or more) lucky Roos. One-by-one, we will be welcoming some very fortunate roosters to lifetime sanctuary. In fact, our first two rescued Roos are already in residence. Aren’t they handsome?’

Did you know that in the United States alone over 300 million male chicks are culled every year within hours of birth? Unable to produce eggs and deemed unworthy of raising for meat unless they are a meat (versus layer) breed, most suffer an unimaginable death often being gassed, suffocated or ground up alive to become fertilizer or pet food. Hard to imagine, but yes, a common practice. But even those who make it out of the hatcheries or classroom educational projects often find themselves in need just a few months later when they announce their real identity and begin to crow…some at all hours of day and night.

We can’t save them all but we CAN make a difference to a few of these fine-feathered boys in need. Roosters are in desperate need of some good PR to raise awareness for these magnificent beings. Hence the idea for our very own bachelor community, Rooville. A huge thank you to Martin and Carolyn for their generous gifts toward Rooville in honor of Vera Kelly Challis. Thanks to you and all who support this journey, these Roos and their roommates and friends-to-be will be saying, “Top of the morning to you!” for many years to come.