Our education ring is just weeks away

It has been on the wish list for years but last fall, just before the cold weather hit, we installed the base of our education ring so it could settle over the winter. This summer we will complete it and we could not be more excited to take advantage of all the educational opportunities it will bring.

While we may have to fence it with round pen panels in lieu of the beautiful four-rail nail-on-board fencing that is throughout the farm, it will be ready to use before we know it.  Just think, a place to offer natural horsemanship instruction to volunteers, a place to host clinics, and a safe place to practice things like loading and unloading off the trailer at liberty so no matter when we need it, our rescues are prepared for anything.

It has been a dream of ours to offer more learning opportunities and it will be amazing to have a designated space to teach others how to communicate with the animals we love.  Good for the horses and the humans too! Stay tuned.